How to archive culture squad category?

Hi @matthias Ive been trying to remove the culture squat category from showing up as top level category on the I keep getting weird error messages. Help?

You probably tried to assign the Culture Squad category to a different parent category. That failed, because it also had a subcategory “Web Content”, which would then be a third level category. While Discourse only allows two levels of categories.

Fixed it for you by moving the Web Content subcat :cat2: to “Workspaces → Webcontent Culture Squad” first. After which your action became possible, so I then moved the Culture Squad category to “Workspaces → Culture Squad”.

That said, our cats would need some cleaning … just did a bit, but more is needed …

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Thanks. I already started the work yesterday. You’ll notice OCI Lab, The Summary Website and no Culturesquad no longer are top level catgeories. The remaining one is Biofrabrication - but I dont know what if anything I would break/ what the best way is to deal with it?

The Biofabrication category was only there as a backup, and I had set it to be visible only to staff. Not sure how it became visible for everyone again :confused:

Anyway, since the Biofabforum is now an independent forum since two years and they did not complain about any content missing, for sure we can delete the original (and then migrated) content from our forum. Just did that. So this is also resolved then.

Remaining question for category reorganization: ok to sort in the current “Knowledge Collection → Coworking” topics into “Internet of Humans → Coworking Recovery Event”? Would mean one category less. Wasn’t sure if there’s a reason you did not already do that when reorganizing.