How to communicate with the architects?

I have a question for @reef-building. A few of us are engaged in sophisticated accounting exercises to figure out if they can afford to buy a unit in The Reef after all. Understandably, they would like a fairly precise estimation of what the unit of their dreams costs.

Question that arise include:

  1. How large is the “minimum viable studio apartment”?
  2. Is the finishing cost per square meter for small units higher or lower than for large ones?
  3. Do studio apartments still need a car park? How do we deal with the excess of car parks anyway? Building underground is expensive…

and many more that now I cannot even foresee.

The best way to find this out would be to contact the architects. But I worry about 20 households all reaching out to Stekke&Fraas at the same time. So, Team building: do you have another solution?

I’d like a reply fairly soon, if possible! Thanks.


Good point Alberto.

I think this is something for which we need a general policy, because we’ll face the same problem with the notary and other professionals we will want to shield from our internal chaos.

The solution that I would propose is what we do in any project at work: we assign a “keyholder” who is the only one who communicates with the third party, unless there is a reason for an exception (which can be many things and is really fine, as long as the keyholder is put in cc).

For the moment I am the contact person I believe, and I have a thread running with them, so I can easily follow up (I was going to anyway).

Does that work for now and shall we add it as a quick point for the Coordination Group?


Yes, that works. Also ping @Lara .

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Hello @reeflings,

We discussed the issue on how we can streamline the communication with the architects within Team Building. We need to make sure that we use their time as efficiently as possible and not bother them with questions that have already been asked.

The solution we would like to propose for the moment is that there are two people in Team Building who will hold the monopoly of sending emails to the architects. For the moment this will be Jolan and Maria Claudia. If you would like to ask the architects something, please get in touch with them first so that they can advise on the way forward. Once it has been cleared that there is a good reason to communicate directly with the architects (current example: Sarah organising the trip to Schoonschip), you can of course go ahead.

Please always put The Reef’s mailbox in cc though (unless it’s about something private of course). If you’d like to check past communication, you can go to Nextcloud > Team IT > Login credentials and search for whatever it is you’d like to read.

Later in time, when the communication will intensify, we will probably invite the architects to get an account on here. What we will probably propose then is that only Team Building can tag them, once again to make sure they don’t go crazy :slight_smile:


I support this. I myself broke the rule last Saturday, and ended up writing to Serge on a trivial matter. Then I apologized for taking up his time, but he replied:

no problemo, Alberto.

vous êtes un groupe très respectueux au niveau communication.

n’hésite pas à nous contacter encore en direct.
sauf si c’est totalement prohibé par votre règlement °-))


So, we still follow the rule, but it’s good to know they are not yet totally fed up with The Reef.


@reeflings, a request to everybody consulting the mailbox.
If you open an email from the architects, can you set it to “unread” afterwards, unless you have done everything that was needed to follow it up (save documents and copy email text in the right place, made posts on ER to alert Reeflins/teams, and answered the email). Thanks!


@alberto @Lee : I assume we are not quite fine tuned with the new system for now and should keep going with emails for a bit longer?

The new system is in place and tested. Here is the category you need to use: Architects only

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So if I write in the thread that have been created with this tag, do they receive all the messages in this thread? Or only the ones where we tag them?

Only the ones where we tag them. The category is there to ensure their privacy. Replies go to the same category where the post with the tag is.

hi @alberto ,

Can you tell me what the best way is to send attachments to the architects
A: keep this via the old way ‘send an email with attachements from the proton account’
B: post a message in an ‘architect’ ER thread, and uploading the files from Nextcloud
C: post a message in an ‘architect’ ER thread and adding a link to the files on Nextcloud
D: something else


Uh… OK; in this list the safest is C, making sure you generate an external link for the NextCloud file.

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Hello @alberto,

Is there anything we can do to make the architects’ replies a bit more readable?

We got a long reply on JET-14, but I find it very difficult to extract the information that I need: see

Oups .
Dites- nous si nos mails sont peu lisibles.


We can send shorter messages. Els’s contains ~15 questions, which means people will respond in line, and then you have indented messages with 15 questions and 15 answers. Not a software problem.

(Ne t’en fais pas, @serge, ça va!)

I am very used to very long messages, but I struggle with bunker blocks made of words :sweat_smile:.

Would line breaks consisting of white space - :hushed: - be a solution?