How to earn your Lote4 ticket? Test run with MakerFox

Our annual and fourth Living on the Edge community event is fast approaching. As you might know, all Edgeryders events in the past have been free of charge and built entirely by the community, under a #nospectators tagline. This year’s LOTE4 is not free, it has tickets worth economic value, except you can’t buy them with money. All you can do is earn your ticket by collaborating with others well before we meet physically in Matera, Oct 23-26.

We think this is a nice way to show the value of our events, but also to formally acknowledge the value of the work being put in organising it, work which otherwise or elsewhere is done by an army of volunteers, behind the scenes, whose names risk being forgotten.

How to actually earn a ticket and where is your work recorded?

We will be migrating to, an online barter place for peers. Makerfox makes it possible to offer LOTE4 tickets in exchange for services we each provide in the runup of the conference.

On Thursday at 11 AM CET we are hosting an online event where we first test how the process works, and everyone is welcome to join!

Link to the hangout:

Before coming in don’t hesitate to sign up on MakerFox and create a user profile, you are going to need it for the testing. See you soon!

Date: 2014-07-31 08:55:00 - 2014-07-31 09:55:00, Europe/Brussels Time.