How to edit the contents of pages that we have set up using templates

You can think of as the storage space, and each page that we make using a template as the “shop front”. The shopkeeper makes a selection from boxes in the storage, and presents the things nicely in the shopfront.

So how does the shopkeeper keep track which things to get from the storage? Because they are labelled a certain way.

  1. In some cases the box comes with the right label on it (for example our user profiles on the platform already have built in tags that tell us what kind of information is in them.
  2. In others the shopkeeper has to look at what is inside the box and then lable them using his or her own system for naming things. The labels are what we call “tags” and on our platform you set them when you create a new post - see the field that says “optional tags” here:

The template pages consist of different combinations of “lego blocks” that are that are picked up from our standard kit. Each block, or module as we call it, picks up content from different parts of the edgeryders platform, depending on what kind of tag we have told it to focus on.

Some of the blocks pick up content that is automatically labelled by the platform, and others come from content that you have to actively add the tag to.

When you set up a new Single Info Page using the template above, you need to:

  • Decide/ Ask Owen which section you want to be using label type #1, and which #2

  • Go to the pages that are to be manually tagged and pick from the library of labels we have put together:

    • WebContent - featured - INFO - Page - Page name
    • WebContent - featured - PROJECT - Name of Project
    • WebContent - featured - CLUSTER - Name Of Cluster
    • Web Content - featured - BLOG
    • WebContent - featured - EVENT
    • WebContent - featured - PERSON - COMMUNITY
    • WebContent - featured - PERSON - EXPERT
    • WebContent - featured - PERSON - TEAM
    • WebContent - featured - PERSON - LEADER
    • WebContent - featured - PERSON - PARTNER

Once you have set up the templates @owen it would be good if you could let us know here which tags to use for which sections