How to embed external content into a topic?

Hi @anu: you might be the person to ask, but how does embedding a video or document work?


Right, that’s missing so far.

You can only embed things where the URL is recognized as so-called Onebox embed content. To make that work for more video platforms etc., we can add custom code, but that makes only sense if there is a real demand.

For videos, embedding is simple: just post the URL to a YouTube or Vimeo video on its own line in the Discourse editor. Without any whitespace in front of it.

Same applies for maps. Documents (as in: PDFs) can’t yet be embedded, only linked.

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Yep, wanted to embed a scribd presentation. No worries, no real demand yet.
and thanks for clarifying!

I have now updated our “Formatting and structuring your content” documentation topic now with my answer from above, plus some more details. (And meanwhile, moved this discussion out to its own topic.)