How to estimate the size and price of your appartments

Hi, I’m sorry if my questions have already been answered somewhere in this thread, I couldn’t find it.

  • Do the prices in the spreadsheet include all costs, meaning notary, registration etc.?

  • What does ‘casco’ mean concretely? Does it mean you have everything but a kitchen, bathroom, toilet and floorings? Or is there more that we need to finish?

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hi @thomasameel ,

The costs in the spreadsheet include all costs, notary and registration included.
In het meeting we had yesterday with the architects we asked some questions related to that. What they said is that an insurance for the construction (assurance tout risques chantier) and the connection to electricity, sewage system, water,… are not included.
What is casco: the structure of the building will be there with a roof, windows, doors. You will have electricity, water pipes, … coming to your apartment, but will need to foresee the distribution of it inside your apartment. There won’t be any division in rooms, no ceilings, no floor, no kitchen, … so basically an empty box which is airtight and watertight.

Yesterday we also asked a question about this to the architects: the minimum they will deliver is casco, if some people would like them to deliver the unit with the finishing included, that’s not a problem
=> there will be a post written one of these days, in this thread, which will high-level talk about the different possibilities…


Great! that’s very helpful,

thanks a lot


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Hello @els and @sarah,

I’m losing the overview a little, but here are a couple of points …

File management

In terms of working methods we’ve had some bad glitches when too many similar files were circulating. The solution include:

  • Put all the obsololete files in an “archive” folder

  • Use the file names to make it easy to identify the right one (e.g. by adding (old) or (current version) to the file name

Currently there are even two folders where we have estimations, one in the Team Finance folder (estimations and scenarios) and another one in Team Building (JET-14 FS).

Would you be willing to look into this, and put some order in it, so that there is less potention for confusion?

Next up I would like to propose to save the one and only current version in the Onboarding Package, because this is supposed to be the place where all Reeflings can retrieve the essential documents (e.g. manuals etc). Would that work for you?

Sharing the JET-14 overall budget

@els, I don’t understand your reply to my question.

My concern / objection is that I’d rather not have the overall budget (i.e. the one adding up to 8.8 million) to be publicly accessible. Is that compatible with your work, and if yes, can you please take this document offline?

Hi lee

The problem is that it is not compatible. I see several options:

  1. You keep the detailed file in the Team building folder with all the rest of the JET-14 info. The exploring members can access it as soon as they have a nextcloud account.
  2. You keep a simulation file in the onboarding package. this simulation file is a simplified version as it doesn’t link to the architects results. This version will gives an underestimated amount as taxes/fees are not included. In the Team building folder you keep the more complicated version for a more accurate simulation. In this file taxes and fees are included
  3. You keep a simulation file in the onboarding package. this simulation file is a simplified version as it doesn’t link to the architects results. In the Team building folder you remove the more complicated version for a more accurate simulation, to have one single file.

My preference goes to option 1, but have a feeling this won’t work for you…

(for now i have removed the file from the onboarding package)

I am completely lost on this. Can we maybe talk about it, on the phone or when we see each other?

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@els : I don’t see clearly where I can help on this, but please do ping me if you see something I could take away from you