How to get involved in OpenCare with no writing time or skills: share your story in Monday's community call 4:30 CET

We are trying out a new format for the community calls where each Monday, two or three people introduce us to their work, while others are documenting and uploading the content online after. This makes sharing online more low efffort, especially for those who find it easier to talk than to write :slight_smile:

First up: Meet Franca Locati!

@Franca works for the Municipality of Milan - Smart City Office. She has worked a lot with refugees, doing legal orientation, helping them to find jobs, houses… but also trying to find innovative ways to be a community. A while ago she set up this project for the City called Italiano Stranieri, a platform to help migrants living in Milan find language schools. Not without challenges though…

Come meet Franca and #askmeanything :smiley:

How to join?

Let us know in a comment below if you are coming or if you too are up for sharing your story.

The call happens online, at (no need to log in, just click and you’re in!)

Where does it go?

On your OpenCarer profile uploaded as a story from which the community can learn from. It will contain:

Your Name   |  Twitterhandle  |  Project URL  | Photo  | Text describing your initiative/challenge, what you are doing next and a call for action from the reader.

What do you get out of it:

! Your story makes you immediately eligible for OP3N FELLOWSHIPS

! Your story and your call to action makes it to the daily headlines we’re sharing with the network - more exposure, more help for your work.

! Your story puts you on the OpenCare map and turns you into a full fledged community member, eligible for Caring On The Edge community event, 2017

See you Monday!

Date: 2016-07-11 17:30:00 - 2016-07-11 17:30:00, Europe/Brussels Time.

Community call with Franca about refugee language learning

This might be of interest to @Tomma @dennis @Liza @simon.messmer @Luisa @makerphil and… well so many others :slight_smile: