How to make edgeryders better for you?

Edgeryders community is growing faster than ever! We are happy to gather more than 4K members coming from different backgrounds: Entrepreneurs, Artists. Freelancers, Doctors, Researchers, Professionals, Civil Society Leaders and many others who believe in the power of the community!

As our community is growing, our commitment is becoming even higher, to offer you a productive and inspiring online space where to e-meet, exchange ideas and build together a brighter future.
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Levelling up our community together

With this short survey, we want to find out how has been your experience so far with the Edgeryders community and how can we together improve it to better serve you and your goals!

Let ‘ s make it fun and tag another members that you met for the first time in this platform
Please make sure to fill in the form by the end of this week.


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Hi Zmorda, thanks so much for taking the time to do this…much appreciated. I made some small edits here and there so that it is clear the spirit in which we are asking these questions. Hope you don’t mind <3

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Submitted !


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