How to not to sell your kidney during Participatory Film Making for Social Innovation?

Granny’s Dancing on The Table.

Yesterday the crowd sourced movie about Grannies raised it’s goal on KickStarter:

I thought it is a right instance to share this as a report from my local area. Unless someone already did the #granniverse report here?

I’m now trying to get hold of Hanna Sköld, Director of Granny’s Dancing on The Table, for an interview or a short message on how to keep your kidney, crowdsoursing, media or anything from her experience she would like to share. Might this be interesting for Edgeryders?

What do you think?

Quote from the #granniverse campaign:

“I want to create a film and release it directly at The Pirate Bay. But the film industry says that to finance this I’d basically have to sell my kidney. If you support my project you prove them wrong (and I can keep my kidney… !)” Hanna Sköld

Potential to revolutionize the fundraising industry?

You are the first participant to write about the granniverse campaign.

Go ahead, if you can get a hold of Hanna Sköld, her story will inspire many participants, since it is a challenge for young people to find financial support for their projects. Many have been told similar things, which resembled ‘you would basically have to sell your kidney’. Although it was not exactly the same words, it means more or less the same thing.

This woman believes in her project, and she also believes in the power of the Internet. What is so admirable is that she believes in it so much that there is nothing stopping her.

Her project is about making a film, but her strategy could very well be applied to bring an end to human misery somewhere, or build a community park somewhere else, etc. Very strong will. Really impressive. There could be no limit to projects that could possibly be achieved with this type of fundraising.

I find it is much more impresive to listen to this type of message than watching an advertisement of a typical foundation, super slick, traditional in tone. Does this new fresh, simple, spontaneous approach have the potential to revolutionize the fundraising industry?

Crowdsourcing as a good tester

Thanks for the comment.

Seems like she is already bringing end to human misery, first of all by not being miserable, and also to bringing attention to Grannies.

Linking Grannies and Crowdsoursed Participatory Film Making is a social innovation of virtual space.

Regarding other sources of funds, “the typical foundation” I suppose after you raised

a bit of money without them, they might be more interested in your project.

The fact that the project is “crowd sourceable” is a good tester for sustainability and the need for it.

But how it should be squeezed into a consistent policy?

Or what the policy which makes crowdsoursing easier or more connected with other sourses.

Go ahead, spread your suggestions to working groups

If you look at the Edgeryders experiences, the main challenge is to go beyond one’s personal network to get funding and support for projects.

So yes, I think that this is an important new dimension that should not be neglected, because it can considerably widen the scope of intervention of actual policies or programs for self-employed workers, programs for startups, programs facilitating social business.

Go ahead! I encourage you to go to the MAKING A LIVING and LIVING TOGETHER working groups, and make your wonderful suggestions there.

Go for it!

Super project, she’s have loads to talk about.

Even invite her to Strasbourg next week if there’s any chance she’s available.  :-)

As a guest speaker from #granniverse or as a guest?

I will try to catch her. Should I ask Hanna to

present Granniverse during #lote?

#granniverse and Freedom of Telling a Story

An interview given to MEDEA Malmö before

#granniverse successfully raised funds. Hanna Skold talks about freedom of internet, speech and storytelling.

Hope I’ll soon manage to catch Hanna, so she can share some thoughts with us.

At this point - 1 week before the event - better as a guest, but of course there’ll be space for her to talk about her project with the participants or reference it in support of making a living from creative ideas and peer to peer. We’ll figure out the details I’m sure.