How to organise your trip to LOTE3- the unMonastery edition..collaboratively

You can also download this kit in English and Italian.

Since we know many of your are coming to LOTE3 the unMonastery Edition from all over the world, it is our priority to support you in finding the most affordable, environmentally friendly and fun travel options to get to Matera. Here is some advice on how to plan your trip.


  1. Sharing made easy with our LOTE3 community marketplace

    We have set up a special sharing platform for LOTE3 to make it easy for you to stay connected with other festival participants before and during the event and share rides, accommodation, objects, services and anything you like with them.

  2. Travel to Matera


    One of the most fun and affordable ways to get to LOTE3! If you’d like to share a ride with another participant, check out our special LOTE3 sharing platform or use this Facebook page solely dedicated to helping you find a ride share. You might even make some new friends on the way!

    You can also use one of the many ride sharing platforms: Carpooling, Blablacar,Vadrouille covoiturage,123 en voiture, Easy covoiturage, Covoiturage libre or the new meta search engine for ridesharing biiim.


    Another great travel option is renting a car from a private owneron marketplaces such as Drivy. Other car sharing companies you can check out are Buzzcar, Cityzencar, Livop, Voiturelib, Deways.


    [Jonathan mentioned a new train ticket booking website], where is the nearest station?


    If you live in another European country, traveling by bus with Eurolines, Megabus or IDbus is another affordable travel option.


    Bari Airport.

  3. Accommodation


    Stay on someone’s couch: Join the LOTE3 Group [Ask Andrea about the local association organising diffused hospitality in matera]

    You can also check out the non-profit hospitality network BeWelcome


    Stay in someone’s private home: check out our LOTE3 Airbnb Wishlist with places that we would want to stay at if we were you :-).


    Swap your apartment with a Materan visiting your city on the home swapping platform KNOK.


    and more…

  4. Getting to the LOTE3 location & navigating around Matera

    There are many easy ways of getting around Matera: by bus, car or bike.


    We recommend you use the public transportation network (RATP) to get around. The easiest way to get to our festival location, “Le Cabaret Sauvage”, is from the stations Porte de la Villette line 7 and Porte de Pantin on line 5. Check for details on this map of the underground network.


    [Add instructions for how to get from the airport here]


    The nearest stations to the unMonaster are [name here]: lines [add numbers of lines here]


    [How/where can visitors get a hold of bikes in Matera?]


    Share a taxi with someone with the Taxi for Two app [is there an Italian Taxi sharing app?].


  5. Where and how to park

    Private parking spot rental

    As a cheap and convenient alternative to classic parking, you can also consider [add suggestion here ]

    On-street parking:

    Where and when can you park in the streets?

    Nearest parking lots

    » [option #1] « », Adress

    » [option #2]« », Address

Any questions?

If you need help with travel or accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact:

• [Name of volunteer] (mobility/ travel), their email address, @twitterhandle

Name of volunteer , their email address, @twitterhandle


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