How to plan, budget and get reimbursement for event expenses? Ask your questions here.

Hello everyone,

This is the document we use to plan for the costs, so it needs to be filled in and approved by Natalia & Myself before each local event takes place so that we can also check that everything is in order and aligned with EU rules for administration.


  1. Every local event organiser makes a copy of a template we prepared (see spreadsheet below), fills in their numbers and shares it with myself and Natalia so that we can approve it before you spend any money. Don’t worry about filling everything, especially if some fields do not apply to you. We just need to know how much local events cost.
  2. Every local organiser runs the event and spends the amounts - we expect them to be roughly the same as the amount written in your contract.
  3. Organisers of each event upload receipts for all expenses, invoices from suppliers as well as their own requests into a folder.
  4. When invoicing Edgeryders at the end of the work: make sure to include URLs to budget sheet and expense folder. This is needed even though you will invoice for the total amount, as it is written in the contract.

If you have any questions - please add them in comments below and we will respond here in one place.

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Hei, can you add the doc or a copy in the team Festival folder? So we have it all in the same place:

@zveljko this process is a little different than what we talked about, after we checked with the project lead team. hope this works!

An idea for local connectors:
In the Virtual Cafe / team call today @MariaEuler joined, and she is supporting local organisers in to build events in another project:

She says that making a budget openly available and transparent helps a lot - basically saying ‘we have x amount for organising and x amount for travel and this budget will be supporting those who contribute actively to making the event happen’.

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