How to share (and what sharing is!)

Let’s try to figure out what sharing means…this will lead people to understand what’s the better way to share!

Even if it’s definitely true that sharing is a relevant part in the management of the commons we usually think about “sharing things”; because of my studies and my experiences I fell like: the most important thing is to share responsibilites.

When every member of the community feels linked to other members  beside sharing the goods a sense of relationship and reciprocity is built.

From another point of view this idea is similar to the idea of the relationship between duties and rights.

But I think that to understand better what’s a good “sharing system” it would be necessary to understand what the idea of sharing evokes.

So i kindly invite you to talk about it!

something to share

I like your perspective of sharing as sharing responsibilities. It reminds me of group work. So, for instance,  I’ve just submitted a major research bid. There were some 15 of us involved. We very quickly had to decide who is doing what- i.e. who is better at doing what. We’ ve shared duties for the moment. If we are lucky we will share visibility, money, jobs ect. There is, and there will be, both monetary and non monetary things involved. At the moment  we totally ignore what will happen and the share (!) of these for each of us. But the persective of having -possibly- something to share through the years is exciting itself.

Also have to say that this group is made up of young people. And that sharing within a group with no hierarchies is far easier.

Sans Hiérarchie !!!


Vous avez raison Valentina, le partage au sein d’un groupe sans hiérarchie est beaucoup plus facile et plus efficace à la fois, Quan j’ai été en Algérie j’ai été dans un groupe de solidarité nationale, on a travaillé sans des responsable sauf dans la realisation des projets où il faut chacun prendre une responsabilité, mais chaque fois on change les rôles.

Le partage entre nous, et même entra d’autre groupe dans d’autre ville, était surprenant , trés rapide et  sans arrière-pensée et sans intérêt, tant qu’on mobilise tous dans le même principe et les même objective.

Cette idée de travaillé sans hiérarchie est commencé par les réseaux sociaux , elle a commencé dans une ville et maintenant est devenu dans tout le territoire de pays et elle fais des projets de solidarité plus efficace que celle des pouvoirs publics.

bon alors…on va avec le francais :slight_smile:

moi je peux aussi ajouter que ma derniere experience de partage, celle de la marche vers athens ( a été trés interessante, meme si, bien sur il y a toujours plein des problemes.

et dans ce cas là, bien evidemment pas de hiérarchie du tout!

Good point, but…

This seems a valid point. But, at least for me, a little bit abstract. So, you are involved in something called the Alternative World Water Forum: can you give us some examples from the management of water resources of “sharing responsibilities” as opposed to “sharing the goods”?

FAME !!!

C’est vrai ? moi ausi j’aimerais bien avoir quelque exemples de la gestion des ressources en eau,

Et au 14 Mars prochain on va aller (moi et mes collégues) a Maresseil dans le cadre de notre formation a ce Forum (Forum Alternatif Mondial de l’eau ) de 2012 et je profite l’occasion pour vous dir, Alberto que je peux pas assister malheureusement a la réunion le 15 et le 16 Mars a cause de ce voyage.

J’ai deja fais une etude de l’evaluation d’un projet de dessalement en Algérie, pour cela j’attend d’autres expériences.



Sharing responsability and


Sharing responsability and shring the goods are not two opposit assertions. The issue is that sharing goods WITHOUT sharing responsability is less “political” (in the highest meaning of course): if a group of people shares goods it means that every member of the group have access the shared good and every one will probably respect the good to protect it but he/she doesn’t necessary have to talk with the other members to decide what to do…

I try to be more clear with an exemple: a group of farmers (not in some place based on communitarian life style but, let’s say, in Germany) shares a source of water. There can be different reason for deciding to share it but they are not relevant now.

So they share a source and, of course, it is in the interest of every farmer to keep the source un-polluted and safe and so on…this is sharing a good.

But to do this they don’t have to share a responsibility, they just have to be responsible on their own (and even this is not so obvious) to respect the other sharers.

Sharing responsibility, on the contrary, would mean that  they can try to take decisions all togheter about how to manage the good:  the good they have to manage will be more then the  good itself.

If they decide to share the responsibility they will have to lalk each other and to create a reletionship among them and this will improve the connection whitin the group and will lead to a better managment and use of the source.

This exemple could be extended to other contexts, of course

FAME 2012 à Marseille

Hi Betta

Ect-ce vous etes vraiment impliqué au Forum Alternatif Mondial de l’eau ?

Et Est-ce que vous allez participé cette année a Marseille du 14 au 17 Mars 2012 ?



oui je suis impliqué au FAME (je coordonne les ateliers recherche Vendredi 16 Mars)

il me semble que Alberto a plein d’infos…:slight_smile:

Donc on peux bien se rencontrer à Marseille…

FAME 2012


je suis très content que vous allez participé a ce forum en tant que coordinatrice des ateliers de recherches,

et je serais moi et mes colegues trés content de vous rencontrez a Marseille le 16 Mars.

après le 17 Mars avec la mobilisation du colegues du master et de l’association terESStre du notre master on va realiser une table-ronde sur le sujet ou on invite des chercheurs dans le domaine.

on esperant de vous rencotrer a Marseille et pour quoi pas a la table-ronde a Mulhouse après.


FAME 2012

hi everyone

I desappeared because I was very busy for the FAME…I am in Marseille now, so, Jamel, let’s meet at some moment during the Forum: I will be there all day long ( on Friday at the Research workshop)…

I will come back to edgeryders soon…And I will share with you my comments on the Forum!


A concrete answer!

Betta, I really suggest you check out Augusto’s mission report. I found there a very inspiring possible answer to your question.

thanks for the suggestion

it looks very interesting! I just started reading it. Btw could you please link me how to fulfill the part about writing  “transition” story  (I am still trying to understand how it works).



Go to the page called “Missions”. It is in the menubar. You will find a number of missions with buttons “do this mission now”. You have to look for a mission called “Share your ryde”: it is the very first we created, so it will be in the second page. Click on the button and you will be transported to the mission page. Read the instruction, then click on the “create” button and start writing. Don’t forget to save at the end!