How to write year 2 report part A

It’s just a suggestion. I think it’s a good one. If you do not like it, please propose something else, but do it fast, because I am already working on the report and I would not want to write it twice!

  • Section 1.1 is done. If you want to propose changes, please do so with the “suggesting” mode in Google Docs.
  • Section 1.2 proceeds (a) by WP and (b) in abridged format. That means 6 sections, titled (in Header 3) WPX, consisting of (c) a bullet-point list of the main activities carried out and (d) a short description of results. WP leaders are responsible for writing information about their respective WPs. WP non-leading participants fill in the information about what they did, coordinating with their WP leaders.
  • Section 1.3 proceeds as last year, following the structure of the proposal. Luce has already prepared the file, and it already says who should write where. Exception: section 1.3.7 on impacts. Please record your impact(s) in bullet-point form.

The rest of Part A is straightforward. I recommend paying some attention to the critical risks table in Section 5, but even there I think we did a reasonably good job last year.


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