How we can progress at this post-tremor period?

Three months have already passed. Yet, fear and uncertainty still prevails amidst the people of our country. The wound is afresh; subject to medication. Our time is through expurgation; we need to be congent and comprehensive to overcome the fatal disaster that blew all of us into trauma! However, the extemporary quake that shattered and shook us dolefully has brought up a lot of changes and challenges up ahead. We have been coerced to suffer, to live a life of sorrow. We have become the subject of concern over this period and have received sympathy from all over. But a question troubles us the most;” Will this Nation be able to bounce to normal; towards peace and prosperity?" And, frankly, whilst men lead their own prejudices, there is a simple answer to the question above,” YES!"

While we require a solid and determined character to hustle over towards our expectations, there is still a doubt whether it will even happen in the country where corruption and allegation is common. However, Chile have had the record of largest magnitude of tremor ever struck, yet, it prospered towards progress. This tells us clearly that there is a lot of optimism around. But again, the question demands,” How can we do that?"

The quake did no good at all. Thousand of lives were lost, number of houses were destroyed, infrastructures were deteriorated; temples were ruined. Moreover, those who survived the quake were left to suffer for a great extend; some were handicapped, some were orphaned and some lost their loved ones. With such doddered environment around, can absolute redemption be granted to those who need to get out of this mess? It’s now up to us to lead our pain towards something worth striving for. Yes, we need to do what must be done.

However, some positivism were also seen whilst the nation was preparing to revamp its strength. People developed feelings for each other. Regardless of any religion or creed they belonged to, they prayed for each other. A strong wave of “UNITY” was seen all around. An example of the works done by the active volunteers can be set. Had there been no such interventions, there would have been no guarantee of rescue efforts and aids at the right time. The volunteers actively helped to operate relief operations all around, at once, which is indeed a great thing to be proud of.

The nation received foreign aids (financial, technological, humanitarian, health and education) and other immense support. But as usual, the bureaucrats misused the funds for their interest and advantage. People showed dissatisfaction over the availability of the resources and it is understandable for their demands (temporary shelter and food) are not taken into account. Monsoon has already begun and the small tents can do no good against it. Hence, it is extremely important to first let the victims have proper shelter as soon as possible, though it’s late already. Analyzing the aftermath of the shock, there is one solid decision that must be seen whilst our government usually comes up with so called “plans and policies” that always remains biased and improper. While such disgraceful conducts were seen (by the bureaucrats), it is sure that eyebrows will be raised against the government policies.

Primarily, all of us must show concern over the use of the funds. It is our duty (citizen, organizations, and stakeholders, public and private) to analyze, evaluate and disseminate the activities and schemes of the government. All of us must raise our voices if our expectations are not meet. A country can not progress without sound economy and at this crucial period, it is our duty to make sure that the funds and aids are used in the right track. It is true that our government can not be believed. A month prior to the quake; Bhaktapur had been blacklisted and declared as one of the dangerous places to reside in (in terms of earthquake and settlement). Though information was given beforehand, government did nothing as per the information. We know one month is a long time, and in one month time, much could have been done (shifting people temporarily) and those lost lives could have been saved at least.

Apart from blaming the government, there is another thing that must be done for we talk too much and do very less. If we really aim to overcome the tremor that has left us admonished and dwindled, we must be flamboyant enough to lead our hearts towards nation building process. Here is the sample of:

  1. Who should do?
  2. What should be done and how?

At first, we must all seek public participation (as not to forget the youth participation) and must form a bridge with the government. National unity must work at this very moment. If youths (all appropriate groups should be welcome) carry over the passion to bring about changes, there is no need to worry for this will cost a lot to government if it does not act properly towards nation rebuilding process. Following things should be taken into account to cover the areas of nation rebuilding process;

  1. Infrastructure and Technology

Nepal has a great problem over settlement issues. People are used to with unsafe houses. The houses that were destroyed were all unsafe as reports claim. The brick-cemented houses can barely resist the quake of such magnitude. Hence, it is time to integrate ourselves with technologies that can withstand quakes and make us safe at where we are. Though it can prove to be costly, we must think about life at first. Not only houses and apartments but we need to have proper bridges and roads as well. Hence, government must come up with the policy of “Must build a safe house”. For this to happen loans at minimum interest and some privileges (financial and technological) must be ensured and all of us must abide by such rule.

  1. Sustainable planning to provide relief to victims

As funds have been received, there must be an assurance that the victims are provided with proper privileges so as to get resettled and get their life back to normal. For this to happen, proper planning must be done. Government can collaborate with public to launch a “Reconciliation” policy which can inspire all of us to rethink if we can again be safe if the same disaster takes place. For this, a different branch should be developed and activities must be carried out at times so that we can prepare ourselves for the worst.

  1. Promulgation of  the new constitution

We have had no constitution for years. All of us are now eager to have the new one. As bill has been drafted already, the new constitution must be passed as soon as possible (issues related to various aspects must be solved beforehand). This will act as a medication for all of us. It will prove to be a good start. Hence, we must assure that we have a new constitution as soon as our expectations are met.

  1. Development of Sports

As cricket has become a success (Nepal historically participated in the Cricket World Cup) and a matter of happiness for all of us, it is necessary to keep up with the same spirit. Sports bind us together and create a force field. Hence, it must be developed. After all, we need something to be proud at (apart from our rich culture and tradition and natural beauty). However, professionalism has not been developed yet and players are financially affected. So, proper resources, technologies and budget should be allocated to encourage sportsmanship in the country.

  1. Progressive ambitions by the stakeholders

All stakeholders should work on to have progressive outcomes in respect to their areas and works. When people get good results as per their toil, a flow of satisfaction and content is experienced which always energizes people to work on efficiently. Hence, there must be effort to create a conducive environment to foster progress.

  1. Proper utilization of the funds and resources

This is what we all should ensure about. For this all stakeholders should have concern and reservations at times.


If the above mentioned steps are considered and practiced, there is no point why our nation can not prosper like the “once devastated Chile”. For all this to happen, we must contribute from our side with ‘that’ solid character and determination.

Let all of us forget the past and work on to make our future bright!!

Together we can!!