How we use your posts for research purposes

Edgeryders uses the content of the posts in the forum platform for research. This means that researchers (normally ethnographers) could read your posts, compare them with those of others, and try to draw conclusions about how certain objects of interest (for example “blockchain technology”, or “non-traditional families”) are perceived by the people discussing on the platform.

We do not collect any personal data, except for the e-mail address associated to the account. e-mail addresses themselves are encrypted and never shared with anyone. Read more on our privacy policy.

We publish research data after replacing usernames with pseudonyms (john_doe becomes user@12345). Please be aware that this does not guarantee “real”, bulletproof anonymity. Here is an example of a published dataset.

Ongoing projects at the date of last update

NGI Forward. How well do recent developments in Internet technology serve the humans using the Internet? How can the Internet become more “human-centric”? website

POPREBEL. Political parties with a populist ideaology have become increasingly important in Europe in the last ten years, wielding executive power in some countries. How is populist politics influence the way people live their lives? website

Project Witness. Are there any viable economic models alternative to our current one? What would it be like to live in one? This one grows out of our Science Fiction Economics Lab and its Project Witness.

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