How your future playground looks like, and what kind of player you'd need to be


This is in response to Nadia’s comment on where I drew the conclusions below, which I posted on

You, the young EU person, as the future worker will have to:

  • be the changemasters, not just prepared to accept change. You will be willing to control it. You will want to initiate it. 
  • re-invent yourself constantly in terms of career paths. This is painful, as we tend to stick to what works. You will survive (not thrive, survive) as one-person profit centres, as being self-employed with an employing organisation (intra-preneur some say).
  • take more and more control over the progression of your career. Those who have worked for one company for 10 years have only delivered the same 12 months' work ten times in a row.
  • have a mix of traits: e.g. excellent inter-personal skills and great focus on objectives.
  • put in a vision and a strong sense of common purpose. You will set aims you will not achieve in your lifetime. 
  • grow by identifying top performers. You will learn from them directly.
This is it. 

This is drawn from books read (John Lees among others) and conversations had during the SoL Forum 2012 in in May in Stockholm ( As organisations change, so do the landscapes, and the rules.

Q: How are we, the conference participants, helping one another to embrace this changing playground and be team players…



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Mm me I´m more about the - how are we now

You know Jovin one of things I am finding most useful is taking part of and sharing my own personal experiences and trying to make sense of them with other Edgeryders.Actually it´s  a massively collaborative nethnographic exercise where we ourselves are the experts as the progtagonists in our own lives. Then we can and do reflect on them and contextualise them with information in books or research findings, but this is an opportunity to do things differently and so my question really was about whether and how the above resonate with your own personal experiences…

Thanks Nadia.

The resonance

Thanks Nadia.

The resonance comes in terms of adopting some of the insights at a personal level.

E.g. trying to understand what it takes to build a ‘FutureSkills’ team. a conversation recently engaged among 8 professionals 3 months ago, virtually, is currently happening. we are questioning how we are helping one another to build a ‘personal web’ to leverage on the information that each one brings.

i’m following up on this with a visit to one of the team members this july for a week, for a prolonged face to face discussion, on the summer grass of finland by the sea. we’re planning some informational interviews (20mins chat with experts) to check our assumptions.

all these are driven by curiosity and a willingness to ask questions to those whom we think may have them or who may guide us to several alternatives.

cheers! :slight_smile:


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How did you come into contact with them in the first place?

What´s the background, how did you end up having that conversation about future skills- werre you trying to recruit people for a project or something?

We are just friends. The topic, among others, emerged. We grabbed the ball in the air. We are running with it. We are driven by curiosity. There’s no project no recuitment involved.