Hugi Ásgeirsson

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Hugi Ásgeirsson

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Creative producer, researcher, developer, and community builder. I create and evolve tools for participatory ways of working together and employ those methods in my own projects. My work has grown out of co-created events and participatory politics and has continued with the Plato Project - a suite of digital tools and methods for co-creating places and events, and Blivande - a hub for co-created culture in Stockholm.


A company living in symbiosis with an online community of thousands of hackers, activists, radical thinkers and doers, and just normal people that want to make a difference. We employ collective intelligence through ethnography and network science for social innovation. I am on the board of directors and mainly work on improving the stack of tools for collective intelligence and participation, as well as strategic development. Get in touch about Edgeryders.


Blivande is a hub for participatory culture in Stockholm. It is founded on the idea that creative people immersed in the principles of participatory culture can help meet challenges in society. We occupy a 1000 m2 house in the Frihamnen port and a 600 m2 square of colorful containers. I am one of the founders of Blivande. Read more about Blivande or get in touch.

Research and art

Babel Between Us - an experiment in collaborative writing and ethnography.

The Borderland - the largest participatory art festival in the Nordics.

Burning Stories - ethnographic research of Burning Man at Aalto University, Finland.

Galleri Frihamnstorget - our yellow container gallery.

Babel Between Us


Are you developing a place or event that should engage people as participants rather than consumers? Do you want to drive collective intelligence with large scale participation? If you want to add a participatory element to your work, get in touch. Requests for speaking engagements are also welcome.

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