I am great at failing

… and even better at half-assed failures, ones where you don’t go down in flames but you don’t succeed either. So you can pretend it’s just taking some time, success is just around the corner…

And this is my story. Now for yours, and where you want to go with Antiheroes. I suggest a post in you own project… and welcome!

Also, a suggestion: Antiheroes is great as the project name, but the user name should be that of a person, and hopefully have an avatar. It does not need to be a real name, nor the picture of a real person, but we try to be a community of people, not of organizations!

Practical Stuff

Before I lose myself in the sitemap, is there a way that I can make a new profile for just one person and then use the antiheroes-account to make myself manager of this group?



Better change your current profile?

Hi Kira and welcome ! Luckily I came across this group and I’m also intrigued by the approach…

So yes, you can create a new user profile by essentially creating another account here.

Then go to Antiheroes group page -> Administer Group -> Add people. In here you add your new username and tick the administrator box.

But are you sure you want a new user profile instead of simply editing your current one? You can go to your profile page, change your username, upload a picture and press Save. Your new username will automatically be the group owner.

Let me know if this works.

Test 1 2 3

Let’s give this a go and then figure out how the rest of it works!

Works fine

In fact, I will bet you most people on the community will be happier to talk about Antiheroes with Kira than with “Antiheroes”. Remember the Cluetrain Manifesto (if you don’t know it, I recommend you Google it: it casts a lot of light on Internet culture)? “We are humans and want to converse with humans”.

You made it, well done

Now we’re curious to learn more about Antiheroes and where the idea came from?

Is it a project in the beginning? are you guys based in Brussels? Very noble mission you have, that of teaching people how to fail…

I recommend you start with a new post inside your group and we’ll gladly try to connect you with other people on edgeryders, a lot of us I’m sure have experienced startups going down or things not happening as we often hope they do…

-> check out the Create Post/ Wiki/ Task links on the Antiheroes main page, that’s how you get to curate your project page. The more attention you pay at it, the easier for us all will be to help out.

The Book of Errors

It just dawned on me, Kira: the unMonastery has something called the Book of Errors – kind of like the Failure Report, except ongoing: more like a failure log. Is that something that might interest you?

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