I have a plan: one hour to ask questions + one for mutual support

I have a form storm plan. It’s simple, probably not as ambitious as [K]'s. But doable.

It works like this.

  • I voiunteer an hour of my time on Saturday 7h, late morning. People who want to apply to \#diogochallenge can ask me questions. Questions are of the kind "how relevant do you think X is?" or "would I be excluded for planning to do Y?". In other words, I can give a jury member's point of view on your idea, though I probably won't read your whole application. [Matthias] would be a welcome addition, though I know he is very busy.
  • [K] volunteers the same hour of her time, plus maybe another one, either immediately after or later in the day. This second meetup is dedicated to peer-to-peer support among applicants. 
  • we start with only the one Google Hangout, but are ready to split into two separate ones (one with me, one with Ksenia) if people want to break off and start separate "mutual support" rooms (more or less like [higiacomo] has already done on the website) after they have asked their questions. This way, I can be talking with someone at the same time as people are taking action and working on their applications.

Interested? Join in!

  • make sure you install the Google Hangout plugin in advance (if you don't have it already). 
  • join from a place where you have good connectivity and it's quiet. 
  • wear headphones! They make other people's lives much easier. A headset is ideal, but headphones and laptop will do if you there is silence around you.
  • beware: Hangout works on iPads, but you lose the chat. If you can, use a regular computer.
  • read the LOTE3 session documentation on "How to win #diogochallenge".
  • people who participate in this should write an email to the European Commission saying they know me and have come from the Edgeryders space, so no conflict of interest.
  • in case you missed it, here is the link to the event. 
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I’ll join :slight_smile:

I’ll join you there :slight_smile:

Thank you for making this :slight_smile:

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Good idea, joining as well.

Good idea, deserving support. I will also be there in the hangout on Saturday and can share something from my experience with last year’s round of the competition.

Should we ping Xavier to announce this via @EUSocialInnov? But it could easily lead to too many people in the hangout … more than 10 people is probably not workable except when questions can only come from the chat.

Does not hurt!

Yes, let’s ping him. We’ll do it tomorrow.


[Alberto] Thanks for jumping in&adding simplicity!

Can I make it complicated again?

No, I wont, or just a little bit: a REMINDER: Pads are rubbish on mobile, and don’t have a faboulous option of highlight and comment.

Hangouts - smaller is the better. Big ones are only good for lectures and short Q&A and a mess if people want to discuss things.

Shared docs for discussion and comments.

Lets see how it goes!

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regarding IP

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Hi FormStorm !

Is is happening now?

Link please :slight_smile:

ping [K]