I need a Service that isn't offered on Makerfox yet

How would i go about posting a request for a skillset that hasn’t been offered yet, but is something i need?

Would it be possible to add in a referral functionality, where other members of Makerfox could see what you were looking for, and recommend someone that’s part of their circle, but not necessarily a member of Makerfox yet?

It would help us grow, as well as covering the shortfalls in our skillsets.

What I would do: manually for now

Matthias can confirm this, but you can contact the MakerFox and ask him to list it as a service/skill, which means it would pop up in the list of offers. You would then need a way to find out when someone offers that, I’m not sure how MakerFox could signal that the thing is on offer in a visible way, perhaps a Featured “On Offer This Week” page? That users would first see when coming in…

Another thing that might work and I think would harness the community building which we were talking about today with Matt, is putting it into your profile. At the moment there isn;t an emphasis on people’s profiles, but a field for some of the things that one hopes/ needs to find on Makerfox might be useful… what do you think Matt?

Making it easier to browse each other’s profiles to see what people are looking for could also hint at what me as a newcomer might offer (sometimes the answer to “what do I have to offer?” is not obvious, especially when it comes to skills, so unless I see that it’s something valuable to someone I may not be prompted to list it as an offer). This is probably not so related to the question at hand, but it just occured to me…

IMO it would be great for Makefox to make it easier to add more products/services, both requesting and offering them.

My own experience: after the LOTE4 talk, I figured I would go and list a bunch of things I was willing to do on Makerfox. But few of them were already there, and I was too lazy/shy to mail Matt asking to add stuff.