I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world

BUONGIORNO, it’s time to introduce myself!!

My name is Francesco, phd student in molecular medicine at University of Milan!!I am 26 years old and I feel I cannot stay too comfortable in my life!!!To date,  I live with Daniela, my wife, (she is graphic designer) in Reggio Emilia a city near Bologna!!

I’m here because i strongly believe in welfare for everyone and i think edgeryders could be an interesting community where sharing things. I have different projects in my mind I’ll share with you in order to make them bigger and “international”. Basically, I think that a large part of the way people do science needs to be changed (from fundings application to clinical trials).

Semola, my friends call me so when i was child, at the end…got out him sweat sword!!!


Welcome, then

Welcome Francesco. Sure, looking forward to your thoughts about changing the ways science is done. In the mean time there is research (if not exactly scientific research) going on in several places in Edgeryders, like here.

But I don’t understand your last sentence: “got out him sweat sword”. Can you  explain? :slight_smile:

Right…sorry…Semola: the italian name for the young king arthur!!!

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