I want to say Thank you

Hello everybody its à very interresting Day with you with à lot of positive energie and à lot of news informations that i take it today i want to say to the mens they help me à lot and take care of me Thank you Thank you Thank you and this is the way we builld à better country for a better tomorrow i swear brother and Sister that mean à lot for me


So so glad to see you around @Elyes you’re most welcome and thanks a bunch for adding a great atmosphere and energy for the journey.


I’m so so proud of you my friend @Elyes and yes, you’re very welcome !! BIG YEEEES FOR YOU :blush:


Dear dear @Elyes as we’ve already talked about elsewhere, I am so very touched by you, all of you, how you are, how you do. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION.

I look forward to seeing you before I go, and continuing our shared learning as time moves on. Speaking of, do consider if the OpenVillage retreat could be for you. More info here (and we’ll be updating with the new projects shortly).

To our ongoing meaning making :sunny: