I would greatly like to

I would greatly like to join such a space wherever it is worldwide. I would also like to suggest help make a small pilot trial at the Sudo Room hackerspace.


great :slight_smile:

Great !

actually I saw that the space keeps on working at the unMonastery - providing very comfortable place to work and play and spend time together.

We’ll keep on co-desinging it in an organic way by how we are using it, so we can get creative in this.

I think we’ll want it in our next gatherings as well.

I’d like to know more about your vision how do you imagine it at Sudo Room ?

The key concept here was the pillows that people could use to get comfortable and more in the ‘being’ mode.

That worked quite well.


Can you get them to fix http://eudea.liminoidforest.org/index.php/Main_Page

I know some of those Eudea peeps, I will ping them on the list serve and ask what’s up.