I would like.....in Strasbourg

I think the June experience in Strasbourg will be unique.

I’m not so young, i’m 40 years old, but i’ve got the right spirit! I hope so!

I’m a Karate kid:::))) so i like looking forward, go ahead, and take some risk to become a better person, in life, in work, in relationship, for me and my family!

DOJO KUN (http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dojo_Kun) who tries to join philosophy and tecnique says:

Seek perfection of character - (Jinkaku Kansei ni Tsutomuru Koto)

Be sincere (Makoto no Michi o Mamoru Koto)

Endeavor (Doryoku no Seishin o Yashinau Koto)

Observe proper etiquette (Reigi o Omonzuru Koto)

Refrain from violent behavior - “selfcontrol”  (Kekki no Yu o Imashimuru Koto)

When i think about what may i do to make my days in Strasbourg significant to other people that i will meet, maybe younger than me, i think that i would like to explain the reason why i did my choice in my work life.

I would like to explain why i think it was the right choice, even if i’m not yet arrived, and how i managed to arrive here nowadays, facing enormous difficulties but triying to go ahead bacause i think it’s the right way for me. I think it is a meaningful story to tell to young people that want to begin a different way to their working life.

I will try to explain why and how i did this working path, to help others to find their own way to take care of their own…

Do you feel is this a interesting way of thinking about our days in Strasbourg, to give something to the people who want me to partecipate?

I would like this Mission Report help me to prepare to that important days, do we try togheter?

Finding the work!

Hi Renato,

I think the questions around working life and other things tied to Making a living are super important. I’m here myself trying to figure out how to move ahead. What are the issues we have raised during the different conversations that point out a challenge looking for a solution? One that was clear for me is the problem of matching work that needs to be done and people who know and are interested in doing it outside the " job" paradigm. You mentioned how to find the work as a challence I remember somewhere…maybe some othrs would be interested in exploring this further?

Thank’s Nadia

I hope some others will be interested. I don’t know what will be the future of this iniziative, but about my partecipation to strasbourg days i would like to imagine something useful to share with others, and i hope other people will share something useful to me. I mean that the experience will be unique in my life; reading and writing here, i feel there is something very innovative but i don’t know how and if my contribution is useful to that mysterious (for me) target. So i would like to imagine a way to be useful yet to Strabourg.

Transforming Edgeryders experience into policy

Renato, a pleasure reading you as always!

I’m sure you’ve seen this conference page calling for volunteers and even offered to help with putting on the show, which is great! So now in the upcoming month it’s up to the community to prepare and deliver something that meets our expectations of how we want the future to be.

Of course there’s a value for each of us in sharing our experiences and talk with others confronting similar situations, or discovering that something we’re intuited as good practice actually exists and can be replicated by US in our life or our community’s life. Can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve personally learned from Edgeryders around. For example, your contribution and your choice of staying with the family and giving up a fairly advantageous job offer will specifically stay with me :slight_smile:

But to make this Edgeryders learning experience valuable to others as well, and to transform it into smth workable as general strategy,  we need to come up with clear, structured solutions. The grand plan for the conference and the closure of Edgeryders as project funded by European institutions is to find the link from our thoughts and experiences here to a format understandable by people who can change something and are willing to listen and take note of this, a format that re-defines, in our terms, how transition in work, learning, democratic behavior is actually happening.

This is a bit vague I know, but in planning the conference we should all think about what we consider relevant content on Edgeryders and try to work with it: e.g. if formal education is full of holes and feels unsatisfactory for so many of us, what should change? we’re talking specific, narrow policies, not the reform of education systems across Europe. Many Edgeryders feel online learning which is for free, fun, faster, needs centred could actually replace lessons in the classroom… so what could we do so more people benefit from these advantages, but at the same time get a credit for learning in this environment…? it’s premature to suggest it could replace classroom learning, but maybe think of it as complementary.

We already asked relevant questions in our campaign and mission designs, and we have very complex answers from the community, so it’s up to us (with help from our researchers’ team) to break it down into equally relevant points. Have you seen this preliminary report by Beck Collins - Learning for a new kind of working life? Do you think it does a good job reflecting on our experiences?  IMO it helps structure the content on learning so far, so it makes it much easier to derive policy recommendations from that.

I know it’s a long process…


i know we are building a long process that point to use our experience (that are limitated even if we are a lot of people) to suggest a line, a path to European istitution in which believe and invest for the future.

This is marvellous. Partecipating to this is an honour. Really an honour. It’s a concrete way to feel that i’m really an european, not only an italian guy (man)!

So, i haven’t seen the report of Beck Collins and i will read it. Keep us in touch!


In the context of contributing to a bigger Whole

Humm, VERY interesting… !

Seek perfection of character,  that’s something that I try to do as well. I am sure that many participants will identify with this too.

How do you know what is the right choice for you? What guides you? Intuition?

Are you aware that I proposed, here, at Edgeryders, a model of human being, based on what you said? But the goal that you pursue, Seek perfection of character, has already been achieved by my ideal Man. I call it the ‘Luminous Man’ (see Michel Filippi, Des hommes et de notre Civilisation). It is a model of human being, setting aside what we previously believed to be limitations to mental achievements. This model is based on the hypothesis that there is a blueprint of evolution of mankind, and this blueprint is stamped on our brain and rest of the body. We need only to learn how to read it in order to design our institutions and lifestyles, to conform to the demands of evolution.

I have done, here at Edgeryders, since last November, a lot of thinking and exploring with the help of philosopher Michel Filippi.

But I’ve come to the point that I would need a different theory of the nature of the universe, to continue working on this model. Or maybe not, but that’s rather complicated for my neurons, and I’d need some help to figure this out.

Also, the applications of this model of more evolved Man, ie what it would mean for business and organisation systems of society, this analysis work has not been conducted yet.

At its root, it implies a totally different view of the nature of life and the relationship between matter and consciousness. Science has imposed a limitation on itself, studying only the phenomenal world – that which can be measured empirically with the senses or recording instruments, and verified consistently through experimentation. This limitation of science has deprived us of the authority to make statements about possible non-physical aspects of creation.

What needs to be done, for this new model of human being to become eventually accepted and even applied to many spheres of society, is not to invalidate the current scientific theories, but find ways of showing that these are a subset of a higher relativistic order. I want to seek ways for the two conflicting world views to merge into a new one that is superior to both. Get it?

This idea could be something that applies to all Edgeryders experiences: not rejecting the current order of the world (focus only on materialistic views and lifestyles), but add to it.

So… I’m (an older) Karaté Kid than you, I just turned 46, with a vision of what lies ahead in the future of Mankind. A future not so distant, as I notice that thousands of people are waking up now, and are already becoming a Luminous Man. What I want, my dream, is that governments become aware of these changes taking place right now, and they help us better understand this phenomenon, and they help us think about how we could adapt our systems because this is the direction in which we all walking NOW.

If I can make a suggestion: add you your list: Seek unity with all that exists. Seek Oneness. (It’s kidda the shortcut for awakening + a few other factors as well…)

If you refer to the Edgeryders Synthesis report of the first five months, it is explained in these terms:

'Many of the Edgeryders contributors have expressed a need for autonomy in their working lives, but in the context of CONTRIBUTING TO A BIGGER WHOLE.'

This means basically the same thing, but in different terms... Maybe what this means is not perceived by the majority, but I see it! There are others on this platform, who see that too.

Very interesting.

Thank you,

Very interesting.

Thank you, you read deeply in what i wrote.

Normally i decide not to follow any theory, i don’t like limitation in thinking about things that regards myself, not the entire human being.

I try to analize what i want to do, try to understand the alternatives, to think what is right for me, or what is wrong; normally i feel it clear in my mind and inside my counscioness. A kind of rational discussion with myself.

Your dream is surely my dream too, and i think this is a very special occasion. We have an instrument that can create something new for human kind, starting to our experience, not thinking about that our experience are the right one, but mixing single experience living in the world nowadays.

I hope to help this process.


Enough evidence

I see what you mean… ‘normally, I feel it clear in my mind and inside my counscioness’. I know exactly what it is, how it feels, what it does. It is only intuition, without the aid of reason or the intellect, that can place its finger at the right information. It does not happen that a voice would speak from the skies or that there would be a warning written across the firmament, but it happens by a reaction on the human mind. We have enough evidence to show that the minds of people can perceive this.

But for now, the mental atmosphere prevailing at revelation, inspiration, intuition and channels of knowledge, other than intellect, have not been accepted by all as a valued source of information for human beings. These things were never taken seriously before. Maybe we (we the people, we the Edgeryders participants) will contribute to change the course, turn things around.

Just like you, ‘I feel it clear in my mind’, I know that research on a specific energy process, by scientific methods, will create that awareness, on a very rational and scientific footing.

I hope to help this process too.

It’s just, uh, the means aren’t there. Yet.

Have you met Andres DaVila? He’s currently working on a School for the future. He’s gathering a bunch of people to train visionaries. An incredible project. See his mission report.

Also, I’m sure you would get along well with Nirgal and his project Démopolitique. An incredible tool. His mission report.

But uh, these projects are in French. We’ve got to create some convergence between the anglos and the francophones (whoa, one of my ungoing perrennial struggles).