IARC 2023 Transcripts - 09 ESRA

Uh, what is the first thought when you are thinking about electronics in a car?

Um, due to the technological investments of all over the world, it is, again a must because you know that the telephones are increasing, has increased. It is not a telephone right now. It is my PC. It is my life. It is my family information and everything. So the automobile systems, the new systems, currently systems and the new feature projection of it, it is again will be a technological side because technology is going anywhere else that we can’t imagine right now, maybe ten years later, now we can’t talk anything. What will happen next as a future technology of the automobile industry. So it is a must. Again, you have to see the automobile not as an just a moving from somewhere to somewhere. You have to be convinced inside the technology covered all the systems that you are thinking At the same time, with your business style and everything, you know that there are many remote systems that you have to work from anywhere else all over the world, so it must be protected by car industry too.

Do you mean that cars the that cars include electronic components are easier or harder to adapt to circular economy than a normal regular car.

It is so easy because all the programs of the manufacturers, even textile industry, even automobile industry, even technological industry, even chemical industry, they are supporting the these systems and circular economy. So it won’t be there won’t be any difficulties to be supported.

Uh, what can the automotive industry do to promote circular economy?

Uh, in fact, all I mentioned the ideas are showing that. So it will be a good technological and circular. Program. Combined Statement. Project as a project if we think it as a project. So it will cover all industries even inside the programmes of circular economy.

Do you have concerns about privacy and personal data stored in car electronics like GPS?

Yeah, the data. This data is so important. You know, there are many data destruction programs and standards and certificates all over the world. And like a dishonest in many standards, you have to remove your data from any places if you are using it for the second life or for reuse or refurbishing. So it is a must to be disposed towards the data. And then secondly, it must be used again and again. So for the second hand programs, for the second life industries of any systems must protect against the data destruction. So I don’t think there will be many problems about the data because there are many regulations about data. Distractions. So there won’t be any problem? I don’t think so. Yeah. It will be again protected. The circular economy.

Uh, that there.

Won’t be any gap.

does recycling and reusing mean different things to you.

Yeah, of course. Reuse is something to make longer the life cycle systems of the products, but recycle is the life cycle system of the raw materials. There are some difference. So in reuse systems there are many end users and they use again and again the products. And after the end of the products it must be recycled. So when it when you say that it is a recycling issue. So you mean that the raw material will be used Second Life as a second life.

On a scale of 1 to 5, one means not at all concerned and five means extremely concerned. How concerned are you about issues of environmental waste and pollution?

Uh, currently we can say that maybe totally it is in the middle, like three, but in a future. In a near future, I’m thinking that it will be five strongly. Five.

Uh, what, if any, action do you take in your life to promote sustainability?

Every time. In any time? Because it must be. Start inside the houses, inside the home, inside the life. So if you can’t change your behaviors, individual behaviors, so you can’t do anything as a big system. So you have to change your life into the green ideas and into the circular programs. You should start it in your home, at your schools and as municipalities, because there must be some awareness programs. It must start by the schools in the early ages so it grows very fast. I believe that.

How much responsibility does each individual, each person have to make lifestyle and consumer choices that help protect the environment?

Uh, yeah nam? Of course. There must be some regulations that is given by the governments and governmental systems and locally it must be protected by the, for example, the collection systems of the waste and the collection systems of all waste groups. And then it could be growth by anyone else. Otherwise you can only just think by individually, but it can be only a little a basic statement in your mind. So it must be protected by the governmentally from top to down, from up to down. It must be protected.

Last question Do you see the circular economy as a local or national or international issue?

International issue and issue, worldwide issue? Because of the Green Deal of the European Union, it is a big alert all over the world. So all the people, all the governments are looking for how they can pass, how they can adapt to the systems of Green Deal from all ministries are working for in any industries, how they can make the good sense for the circular economy programs in their own statements. So it is a worldwide issue because we need to protect the climate. It’s an international issue.