Idea: Issue tracking platform

Hello Edgeryders,

when i read an article about what has happend in Nepal an idea come to my mind and i want to share the idea with you and ask for some feedback. I met  @Matthias some years ago and he told me to write the idea to this board. I was thinking of an Issue tracking app / platform to coordinate the helpers in Nepal or any other region.

  • People can set an gps?!-based issue point which is collected by a platform. This issue point could have different "labels" e.g. health, energy, technology or contruction. - Or an issue point cloud be set up with "fire point" in different colours. The colours stand for the labels. e.g. red stands for health, green for energy, which are mentioned before. These firepoints could be collected by a drone with an appropriate app qutomatically or by satellite pictures.
  • or an issue point could be set by a special hashtag on twitter or facebook and the geolocation is sended automatically to the issue tracking platform, e.g. ‪#‎geocare‬ ‪#‎health‬.
  • The Hub-platform collects all the issuepoints and visualizes them on a map.
  • Helpers could take an issue point to "work" on it.
  • Each issue point has a status like "Open", "In progress" or "Closed". Helper could comment or chat on each issue to communicate or specify the issue or order more helpers.
  • I also was thinking of some devices for regions with a higher risk rate. For example some kind of blackbox which is sending signals and infos automatically in case of an issue. Or some kind of smartwatches with a little app. This app contains the different issue labels an an geo-location functionality. First helpers or scouts could use this device to set issues fast.

So long for the moment. I know, that this is nothing final but i want to share my thoughts and ask for your feedback. Maybe this could be something helpful…

Kind regards Sämmy