Ideas about learning italian!

Hi everybody,

I’d like to think with you (especially non-italian speakers) a way to learn italian in an effective way!

I’m researching about learn-by-doing methods in teaching languages! At the moment I’m running a german course and an english course for tourist guides in Matera with Casa Netural.

I’d like to help you as much as I can, to let you learn italian in an effective way. You will help me to understand what is effective for you!

A part can be indoor, doing games and activities about grammar and the other part, the best one, I’d like to carry on the Easy Italian project. It comes from Easy Languages project by Carina Schmid and Janusz Hamersky of The Global Experience. It’s about going on the streets and interviewing people on a topic. It’s intresting and fun and you learn the language people really speak, which is not always what you learn from the books!

But it includes more formats:

Easy Languages Basic Phrases will help you getting accustomed with some of the most important sentences when travelling to a new country.

Easy Languages Verbs and Easy Languages Verbs in Action helps you with learning conjugations and collecting new vocabulary.

Easy Languages Grammar will help you to get accustomed with different grammar phenomenons.

Easy Languages Pronounciation will soon help you to understand and get trained with local pronounciations.


I started shooting some episodes with them but then it was difficult to find a way to sustain the project. The best would be, also involve adolescents, who wants to do some experiences in shooting and interviewing.


the idea is: we find together what you do need to learn and we go on the street together interviewing people. Someone has to edit it. It’s a very simple editing so we don’t need an expert, let’s see how we can manage! We need a camera and a microphone. I can a camera (non-professional one) and I will try to find a microphone!  

This can really help you! I’m sure. It helped me with my german!

Next weeks I’ll research to create a syllabus that can help you to reach a good level to interact with local people! Your feedback will be very important for me because in April I will start a course of Italian for foreingers, but I will talk about it soon.

stay tuned and tell me what you think!  


realy interesting

Seems realy interesting.

I would love to learn italian this way!

Also, thinking that it could work as a very useful tool for creating closer ties between unMonasterians and local people within each project scope, doing interviews or meetings about the project each one is developing on, with an italian person to make the bridge when needed. (it’s an idea!)

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I also love this way of learning this is a great idea. Interesting is the link with local people.

I have basic knowledges in Italian but I absolutely want to improve them during the time I’ll stay in Matera.

Nice idea!

Nice idea [Mariateresa]! I’d like to join you to improve my english or learn another language. Ty!


Hi [Mariateresa],

I’m trying to improve my italian and I’m in Matera right now.

Could we meet together to speak about your project?



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of course Marc. When do we wanna meet?

Meeting time

Well I’m available next friday and saturday, then from thursday of next week.

Can you come to unMonastery or should we meet elsewhere?