Ideas for supporting grassroots efforts in Nepal

Hi everyone, I have read some of the posts about the situation on the ground and calls for help. And I am thinking about how we could help as a network based mainly outside the country.

What I would like to try to do here is put together a list of what we can do, and then see who might be interested in helping with doing what

1. Build an Edgeryders program to drive monetary and non-monetary resources to grassroots initiatives in Nepal. The initiative should strive to set the foundations for sustainable, long term collaborations beyond immediate Earthquake relief efforts. To do this we need a process by which new members from Nepal can present themselves, their work and what they need help with to the rest of the community in engaging ways that foster collaboration and mutual support (and skill development). Start with: Online Hangout.

2. Communication and outreach. Developing creative ways to use our collective online presence to support the new program. Twitterstorms, daily count on me emails, and other formats we have developed over the years driven by a core team of people who each volunteer a bit of time to coordinate the work and help community members to know how they can help at any given time. Start: Online Hangout (do some homework e.g Classy guidelines)