Ideas on how remote Lab Rats can participate

… As in: are there any @alberto? :slight_smile:
How is the format going to look like?

Hopefully there is something planned, otherwise, have at it fellow remote Lab Rats!

Can we do better than an extended video call?

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Remote is always going to be the default modality.

More than extended video calls, I’m thinking clusters of people researching each one particular issue. Tools would include debates on the forum like this, collaborative paper writing on Overleaf or equivalent, and yes, video calls. But the clusters should probably be 2-7 people, not larger.

Sounds good @alberto ! Any ideas about today’s session? Eg is it going to be a common table or will it breakout into small groups and later merge again?

If the latter, us remote Rats can be one of the breakout groups.

What you can do is

  1. State your work and interest, which we have started to do.
  2. Find others that you would like to work with, and reach out.

All this can be done here on the forum. We will try to do the same offline.

Thanks @alberto, will do!

Howdy. My name is Zach, and I am a librarian and researcher. feel free to reach out to me with help with fact-checking, information organization, research questions, or other library-type stuff.

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