I am planning to prepare a list of initiatives for the 3 days meeting in Kiev, alongside some of the proposed meetings between those interested and the organizers. There will be several conferences on Ukrainian youth volunteerism and NGO's in mid July, but i will try to potentially facilitate and organise a workshop/meeting in couple of the cities of Ukraine to enhance activists involvement onto the platform. Will be happy to share with you my personal Edgeryders schedule/planning, and some of the ideas to enhance communication. (such as organizations blogs, video journals, documentary trip projects (photo/video), webinars and special section on the website for tools/instruments to be used in projects development. Plus maybe tighter presence of some monitors/reprs from UNDP that can guide/consult) and so on.

Coordinating with the UNDP/UNV office

Thanks for this, @nataliegryvnyak. The way I would like to it is: decide on one of the three days that will be reserved for meeting interesting initiatives. This one day would also contain a small community event – perhaps 4-5 people getting together with us, having coffee and exchanging experiences.

Going to conferences and letting people know  about FutureMakers is definitely a great idea! Have you already identified some? Can we make a calendar?

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