Identify possible funding for the biochar rocket stove

Identify possible funding for the build.  The stove will be built largely from free reclaimed metal so build costs should be minimal.

How’s it going?

Hi Darren, I was just browsing tasks on the platform and updating statuses for those i took on board, and came across your project tasks. How’s the rocket stove prototype coming along?


Hey Noemi,

The prototype is finished and ready for thorough testing thanks :)  This will happen in a couple of weeks time.

I can imagine that a few minor alterations/additions may follow.  I need to secure a good, regular supply of woodchip and dry firewood so that the stove can be installed in the main kitchen on the farm.  Then we will begin to produce significant amounts of biochar and can start to incorporate it into our growing projects.  I think we’ll be charging it with human urine and/or putting it into the animal stables before we add it to the soil for growing.  Its great for stopping nutrients being washed away by the rain.  Also promotes healthy soil micro organisms particularly if used when growing perenial, bush and tree crops.

Awesome Foundation?

Great to see your stove coming along! As for funding, do you know Awesome Foundation? They hand out grants of 1000 USD each, with only minimal application requirements involved. For your project, it seems a good fit to try :slight_smile:

Thanks for the pointer Matthias :slight_smile: