All people in the world are allies and designers of the future. Right now I work on a film and culture project about identity and the feeling of ‘home’ in Europe.

I travel to Gothenburg, Oslo, Warzaw, Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and Barcelona where I talk to people about the current situation in their city and film material to post in a blog.

Some interesting initiatives by Edgeryders I meet are

Michal - Brama and Hacker space, Warsaw

Caroline Paulick-Thiel - Unigrowcity, Berlin

Eimhin - Katakomben circus space, Berlin

Thanks to all amazing people I have met on the road!

More info will be posted this autumn

Some hits, one miss

Off the top of my head I can think of active Edgeryders in Warsaw (Rysiek), Berlin (Ela and others), Amsterdam (Carlien) Barcelona (Marc) and London (many!). And of course you yourself are in Gothenburg, so that leaves out only Oslo. Keep us posted about the film!


I will keep you posted!

Transformation of identities

I love how you consider everyone to be ‘designers of the future’. That’s beautiful and an awesome view of individuals and their role in the collectivity.

People are increasingly becoming nomads, wandering in a post-modern hyper-reality. Migration, with its direct and immediate human impact, is a very complex phenomena. Migration is not simply an economic issue. It generates composite ties, both interpersonal and organizational ties, as in dense, multiplex networks.

Networks hold greater potential for evolution, because of combination and increasing differentiation.

Therefore, online networks and social cyberspaces do not just enhance of facilitate the transformation of identities. Communication and connectivity really provide a transnational hyperspace. This space allows for self-expression of a different and evolving culture, language, of a new collectivity and collective identity.

Now, I would like this idea of transformation of identities to be pushed forward, beyond migration effects. If we agree on the fact that each individual is a ‘designer of the future’, and therefore plays a role in the blueprint of progress, of evolution, we could then realize and consider the need for studying the deeper transformation currently taking place in human beings. The transnational hyperspace allows us to be more conscious of it, just like social media allowed us to become conscious that where are all linked together (as opposed to separation).

transformation of identities

Yes, it is very interesting to live in this era. Many people are no longer identified with their national origin, the family name, gender etc. New terms and titels are indicating very interesting shifts of perspective but at the same time showing a sceptisism and fear from people who do not understand them.

Young generations grow up without many of the borders we did, for example there is no longer a online/offline perspective in the lives of many kids of today, and the open and easy access networks have formed a mentality of sharing and connecting, hopefully nurturing divirgent thinking and imagination, things our generations have lost somewhere on the way, through undeveloped educational systems etc.

I really like the way your reply makes me think deeper of this transformation, not just in visualising the future, but also looking back, I would actually like to reach back to my archaeological studies to dig deeper into this, I have been working with questions regarding rites of passage and grave languages and there are some patterns there, networking strategies are natural parts of human life.

I just wanted to say that this is a great project :slight_smile: Extremely interesting, especially within the theories of nationalism and national identity. This extreme need for labelling oneself as someone of some nation is really interesting. I actually hope to focus on nations and nationalism and identiy through out history as a part of my bacherlor thesis in history, it’s the one aspect of history/human behaviour I’ve been completely fascinated with so I really look forward to see the results!

It would be very interesting to see the comparison of the identity of people that grew up in a middle eastern family house hold in Europe versus European families that moved within Europe or to Northern-America. How much does the identity defning differate considering the religious and cultural background of the orginal homecountry? Does this wide national diversity in Europe encourage people to keep on their own identiy while in America, especially the US, the national diversity and the strong patriotism instead of nationalism pre se, encourage people to call themselves Americans earlier?

Just something that I’ve been thinking about recently! Just, really great project, I wish I could help in some way. Good luck!

national identity


Good subject for your thesis, one aspect that I think you would also find interesting is the atmosphere around the European football games that will happen at the same time as our road trip through Europe this summer, we plan to cover some of that in our documentary.

There are several ways for you to paticipate in this project, where are you located?

We are making a video about ways to participate right now, will publish a link further on.

Have a great day!

Right now I’m in Iceland but I’ll just be here for few more weeks and then I’ll hit the road for few weeks on my way to Tehran, where I’m going to study Farsi for 6 weeks. I absoloutly despise football, exactly for this extreme team division and this integrated hate towards other teams while competing. Just a personal opinion! But! I really see where you’re coming from, how people behave during games like these is very interesting and often used as an analogy to describe nationalism.

Good luck!

Damn cool project

I know a ton of cool people in London you should meet

Are both in London, and many others too. Drop me an email with some details about when your team will visit and I’ll see who will be around.


Thank you for offering connections, will contact you with more info soon.

Bastian Project

Now we have launched the first version of the web page, check out the info video and send us an email if you want to be a part of the story!

Interesting take

That’s an interesting take on a current-day problem of identity (or being practically cosmopolitan, if we want to look at it the other way round). I’ve heard and learned quite a lot at the conference about the need for “new narratives” for our time and the power of storytelling, and I think I learned to appreciate that in spit of my engineering background. So, wish you good luck this summer when shooting the clips :slight_smile: