If, if, if

For this mission “Spotlight: social innovation” of Making a Living Campaign, here is what was asked: “Find and describe a socially innovative company, initiative or project near you (if possible, interview the social innovator who made it possible) that you find inspiring. Do you think it has a chance to actually make the world a little better? Why?”

There is COMMUNAUTIQUE (http://www.communautique.qc.ca/) , in Montreal, Quebec, CANADA. Communautique is a community organization whose mission is to support citizen participation by promoting information literacy, ownership of information technology and communications and contributing to their development.

I already went there, and spoke to one of their researchers and to the administrative leader of this organisation. I think that open government issues should be promoted via this channel. But they don’t have enough human and financial resources to accept one more project. It did not fit their method of internal operations, which seems somewhat closed.

In the past, I found myself in a situation where I did all the field work with an organization of a more experimental nature (AADRAV), because the existing organization in place did not handle the work, did not get involved (RAAV). The result was that the government provided half a million dollars to RAAV as assistance to solving the problems that I raised during two pretty intense years of lobbying, with annual funding extended to lifetime, and managing my projects that I could no longer continue to lead, because there was a legal problem. We disputed this legal problem all the way to Superior court: AADRAV against RAAV. And we lost, because the law stated that there can only be one artist organization. The winner was not the one who did all the hard work and mobilized the entire community. The winner was the one who was the older structure and did nothing.

I would rather die than see this happen to me again.

My heart still strongly belongs to GOVERNMENT IN THE LAB (http://govinthelab.com/), in Wintrop, Massachussetts, UNITED STATES. Parting with it was pretty heartbreaking. I shed many tears. This Summer, we had to postpone our plans, because of lack of funds. If there was somewhere on this Earth, a government institution that could provide financial support to open government initiatives, and hire us as consultants, I would love to go back to TheLab. If, if, if.

There is the GOVERNMENT OF QUEBEC, in Quebec, CANADA. I really enjoyed my conversations with Deputy House Leader Henri-François Gautrin (http://www.assnat.qc.ca/fr/deputes/gautrin-henri-francois-1051/index.html). We get along well (my humble opinion). We even discovered that our fathers worked together on building the highway 40 connecting Montreal to Quebec City. We have previous genealogical connections. If the government could decide itself to launch an open government initiative, perhaps there would be room for me somewhere in their teams, or in a firm of consultants, like Loran Technologies. But there is no current open government project. Business opportunities are very slim. If, if, if.

Next to this, there is the OPEN GOVERNMENT AND FRANCOPHONIE project. If Innovation and Economic Development of the City of Three Rivers (http://www.idetr.com/fr/index.aspx) could miraculously change its mind, or if some other or several funding organizations could give a hand, and if several Francophone governments agreed to collaborate, we might be able to consider the financing of a new social business, to carry this multilateral partnership project. And we even could consider building a relationship with the existing Open Government Partnership (from United Nations). If, if, if… Sigh. (This project only exists in dreams.)

Another project floating in my mind is OPEN GOVERNMENT 2060. I would like to attach this project to a group of governments, government organization, research laboratory, whatever. As far as it allowed to look toward what open government should tend to, trends, avenues and solutions, how it can be transformed in beneficial ways. (This project only exists in dreams.)

Another path I would love to explore is finding a way to get involved in a community like the INSTITUTE OF NOETIC SCIENCES (http://noetic.org/), in California, UNITED STATES. This institute was founded by Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edgar_Mitchell). As he approached the planet we know as home, he was filled with an inner conviction as certain as any mathematical equation he’d ever solved. He experienced Oneness. This experience radically altered his worldview: despite science’s superb technological achievements, he realized that we had barely begun to probe the deepest mystery of the universe—the fact of consciousness itself. Within two years of his expedition, Edgar Mitchell founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences in 1973.

This institute gathered thinkers from all over the world this summer, like Dr Deepak Chopra (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deepak_Chopra), and I just would have loved to attend the 14th international IONS conference. A positive shift in human evolution is underway and beginning to reshape our future. And while humanity faces numerous unprecedented challenges, it has the tools at hand to find resolution, renewal. Connectedness is no longer the exception to the rule. New technologies have created new expectations about how we engage one another, how we work, how we learn, and even how we play. They gathered a stellar collection of inspiring, thoughtful, and visionary people to address this unique moment in our collective unfolding. Chopra gave a keynote on ‘Harnessing our power to change the world’.

I would like to meet this collection of people, talk with them, explore with them.

(Please don’t laugh) One day, I would like to work with people like Deepak Chopra on open government projects.

I would like to meet the astronaut who founded this institute, and other people who had experiences of oneness, who are in a physical state of consciousness, like me. I don’t have anyone to talk about this stuff right now, besides reading in books and daily watching Deepak Chopra on YouTube. I need a master. Someone that can help me, guide me, to pursue my exploration of consciousness. I could still figure it out by myself, but a guide would be great.

Another option, that strangely really attracts me, is becoming a monk. Going to a MONASTERY, somewhere on a lonely mountain, sit and be. And don’t talk. This would be wonderful! This lifestyle would be absolutely perfect for me, and I would probably reach in no time the last step of spiritual development that awaits me. Learn the trick of the cloak of invisibility by intoxication of love and raising my body vibrations. Vanish from the face of this Earth (houla, stop feeling out of the box), and connect with individuals exploring higher states of being. But I must however scrap this option, because I am a single mother of a 6 years old son, and I am solely responsible for his development. Maybe this option will become possible for me in 20 years from now. There is the possibility that I can still reach the last level of consciousness without becoming a monk. I did ¾ of the way without even doing one hour of meditation. It was a spontaneous experience. I can also postpone this goal to another life incarnation. I know now that I was destined to become what I am since I was very little. I felt higher vibrations and energy running through my veins at a very young age. Naive as I am, I thought I had very poor blood circulation…

As long as I can remember, I strove for awakening. Personal development is my Number One priority. The more I position myself in projects with global reach, international projects, and the more my thoughts are busy trying to help others, the more my body mental vibrations rise.

Put me in the right context, and I might have the chance of reach the last level. I really would like to achieve the final beatitude. And once I get ​​here, I will have access to even more knowledge and consciousness, and I will have more love, and I will be able to help even more.

And the two will become One Flesh. So they are no longer two, but One. Mark 10:8

Chopra Foundation, Sages and Scientists Symposium

I mentioned Deepak Chopra in this mission report.

He is already doing the things that I would like to see happen in this world, ie highlighting politician leaders applying a soul of leadership model, to inspire politicians to aspire to greatness and become a good leader.

On March 4th, 2012, the Chopra Foundation hosted the Sages and Scientists symposium, where were invited former president of Mexico, Vincente Fox, as guest speaker to talk about “Discovering and Exercising Your Leadership", along with General Wesley Clark, for keynote “The Spiritual Side of Leadership”. This event was streamed live at http://www.choprafoundation.org/events-initiatives/sages-scientists/live-broadcast/ or http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sages-scientists and followed on Twitter @ChopraFoundation or @DeepakChopra.

"General Clark retired a four star general after 38 years in the United States Army. A hero in every sense of the word, in his last assignment as Supreme Allied Commander Europe he led NATO forces to victory in Operation Allied Force, saving 1.5 million Albanians from ethnic cleansing.

Today his main focus is on the planet’s growing energy crisis, serving on the advisory boards of the Clinton Global Initiative’s Energy and Climate Change and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE). Clark is expected to impart his wisdom in this area at the Sages and Scientists Symposium.

(Photo: Vincente Fox)

President Vicente Fox served as President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006. The first candidate from an opposition party to be elected president since 1920, he garnered 42% of the vote, marking the first time that the then-dominant Institutional Revolutionary Party had lost a presidential election. Under his leadership, the country experienced a stretch of fundamental economic strength and stability.

Since leaving office, President Fox has been involved in public speaking and in the development of Centro Fox, a center for the advancement and study of democracy that encourages a sense of commitment and solidarity among the Mexican population for the underprivileged and for those who have not enjoyed the benefits of development."

(Ref “Watch General Wesley Clark and Mexican President Vicente Fox speak today via live streaming from Chopra Foundation Symposium”).

See also

The Chopra Foundation is located in Carlsbad, California, UNITED STATES.

Institute of consciousness research

I would be delighted to collaborate with the Institute of Consciousness Research to a new e-strategy committee to create, among others, a data base of experiences to help develop scientific research on consciousness.

Iain Carstairs, from UNITED KINGDOM (he has been editing the blog Science and Religion for 15 years) aims at finding common grounds between the scientist and the believer, and to encourage debate between the two sides, proposed to design a database to store details of events leading up to, and following, any and all cases of mystical experience. Iain said: ‘I’m designing it, with the help of the Institute for Consciousness Research over in Ontario, some old friends of mine. I think they have 400 or so cases in their archives, and I’ve already started getting feedback from people, which is very encouraging.’

The Institute is located in Markdale, Ontario, CANADA.

ICR is a non-sectarian group with the goal of raising public awareness of Kundalini. The institute believes this energy is the divine energy force, guiding mankind through the evolution of higher states of consciousness. According to this view the mechanism is responsible for all extraordinary talents, intuition, genius, inspiration, and spiritual illumination. The ICR would like to see more scientific investigation of Kundalini and believe that this research will lead to a new understanding of evolution, religion, insanity, psychic gifts, and other mind related aspects.


Kundalini Foundation Research

The Institute for Consciousness Research is a partner of the Kundalini Foundation Research.

The Kundalini Foundation Research was established as a non-profit, tax-exempt organization at the request of Gopi Krishna in 1970. He was one of the most important human beings of the last century. He asserted that ignorance of the workings of this evolutionary mechanism was the main reason for the present dangerous state of world. Gopi Krishna passed away in July 1984.

Thework that he began is currently being carried forward through the efforts of a number of affiliated foundations, organizations and individuals around the world.

The Kundalini Foundation Research is located in Darien, Connecticut, UNITED STATES.

And I am to take part in these efforts.

(Photo: Gopi Krishna)

“Gopi Krishna was a psychenaut into the realms of human possibility, an Odysseus of inner space. - Jean Houston, Ph.D., Director, Foundation for Mind Research

Gopi Krishna’s description of the changes —psychological, phsyical, perceptual, and biochemical— which can happen to a person who is in the process of an accelerated spiritual emergence process was the first definitive work written for the Western world about kundalini awakening.- Emma Bragon, Ph.D., Editor of the Spiritual Emergence Network Newsletter

Evoksha is turning the Institute for Consciousness Research’s message into a global cause. After 30 years in operation, ICR’s board of directors decided it was time to let the world know about the important message they had to share, in a big way.

Evoksha is dedicated to helping your business achieve success. This business believes that its services are the cornerstone to a healthy business and thus a healthy economy. They help businesses achieve phenomenal results through a unique blend of creativity, tech savvy, and a deep understanding of business challenges.

Evoksha is located in the Los Angeles metro area, UNITED STATES (a globally-recognized center of creative innovation).



(Photo: Frédéric Jacquemart)

Thanks to the Facebook page of the Edgeryders participant Michel Filippi, I discovered the newly created MDCR (Métamorphose Culturelle par la Démocratie Réelle) by Frédéric Jacquemart, president of the International Transdisciplinary Research Group, GIET (Groupe internationale d’études transdisciplinaires).

The GIET is located in Aujac, FRANCE.

GIET proposes as a transition phase, to help the deepest possible deconstruction of Western culture (equated with the broader paradigm to the dominant culture) to foster the emergence of a radically new way of being in the world.

I was really excited to see that a group is doing some sort of post-opengov work, linking science and spirituality.

On April 3rd, MDCR is hosting a roundtable entitled “Vulnérabilité d’une société confortable”.

We rarely see industrial countries defined as being “vulnerable”…

Here is MDCR’s presentation of the roundatable (http://giet-info.org/index.php?lng=fr):

Le « progrès » technologique se présente comme un processus qui s’auto-amplifie, ce qui lui confère cette forme exponentielle et son apparence inéluctable (« on n’arrête pas le progrès »).

Largement orienté vers la satisfaction de désirs individuels, fondamentaux ou futiles, ce « progrès » a construit un monde de confort et de sécurité dans les pays industrialisés. Cependant, nous sommes dans la partie presque verticale de cette exponentielle. Dans quelques pas, c’est à dire quelques années, cette croissance technologique irait caresser l’infini si cela était possible. Mais, dans un monde réel, fini, comme le nôtre, une telle croissance technologique doit s’arrêter, d’autant qu’elle consomme des ressources non renouvelables dont on voit la fin (certains métaux) ou dont les conditions d’accès économiques, écologiques, géopolitiques vont radicalement changer (énergies, terres rares, etc).

Nous nous trouvons donc dépendants d’un processus technologique qui, en tant que tel, s’achève.

La démocratie participative interroge des citoyen dans un cadre institutionnel et dans un cadre conceptuel « déjà là ». La démocratie réelle n’a pas de cadre institutionnel ni de limite géographique et interroge le cadre concepturel (le paradigme global dominant).

La MDCR (Métamorphose Culturelle par la Démocratie Réelle) veut mettre en débat AVEC les citoyens ET les scientifiques, en tant qu’habitants d’une même terre, les thèmes qui apparaissent fondamentaux pour notre avenir, ici, cette vulnérabilité d’une société confortable.