If We Dream Together

IF WE CREATE > is a process I am working on in order to develop minimum viable product from any thought, a vision or simply desires through improvizing future that engages the world enough to create it together.

There is a power in dreaming. A true force working upon objects of physical reality. This power is evident to everybody, as objects of physical universe, but so tiny that it is rarely counted. And how can dreams be measured and realized outside our minds into reality?

It is often seen that dreaming and reality are two seperate spaces. However, in a physical universe working by dreaming or imagination can be the most powerful thing humans posses which is least encouraged as a culture across the world; mainly due to economic hardships and/or continuous self-deceit.


Dreaming is the essential part of shifting reality :heart:

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As being dreamer myself, I think to have a dream is essential as it will motivate you to create pathways to make it successful. Every great achievement may had been a dream once. All the best for your dreams.

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