Ilot Cacao: co-living compound in Molenbeek is open for registrations

Hello all,

Thanks to @Isabelle (thanks!!) I discovered this announcement by an organisation (Coarchi) which is facilitating a process to find co-inhabitants for a building, a compound of 31 apartments and 5 to come, with 700m2 of common spaces and 1150m2 of outdoor common area - they call it ‘a little village in the city’. It is in Molenbeek and it seems to focus a lot on intergenerational co-living.

They have a form to collect interest for individuals, families, hopefully even groups (?) and organise visits towards the end of August 2020.

I filled in the form on behalf of Edgeryders generally, explaining a little bit the Reef concept and its focus on ecology, and suggesting that we would be interested in a group of apartments, but it’s just a preliminary thing - the form was not built for groups I’m afraid. For those interested, you can also apply on your own. Otherwise I can give you a headsup when visits are scheduled and we could go together!

At the moment I think it’s important to keep an eye on what is happening around us and see how we could move forward, ideally as a group but also just continue to share information and service the mission :slight_smile:

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Ping @manuelpueyo what was the other space in Meise you mentioned? Do you think it’s possible to go and visit, even to walk around a bit with someone living there to tell us more? In these times, probably best not to go inside or stay to close to many people, as it could be an intrusion.

Also ping @Malcolm @LouiseB @Sabine @AndreaSuDS

@CynthiaWeber: how is your space going? I’m still curious to hear more, do you have a link to share, or information about where it is, who is involved?

@manuelpueyo you wanted to meet this week, no? Maybe we could all gather around a cappuccino and see there we are with @Malcolm, @LouiseB, @Sabine, @AndreaSuDS and anyone else who is interested.



It’s been a while! Malcolm and I want to meet up with you. Happy to do it in a café or you could come to us in Etterbeek. This weekend would work. Sunday, 19th, 16h?

See you soon, Sabine


I’m game for Sunday.

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Great, Alberto, help me get the others together. I’ll ping the ones I know: @noemi, @manuelpueyo, will you join us on Sunday? And I don’t really want to post our address here - how can I get it to you privately?

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Send a private message through the same platform:


this is the space i visited in meise. very mature project we can go visit them by appointment

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thanks for the invite, that’s very kind,
ok for Sunday!

hey! thanks. me ok for sunday as well!