Image Repository: how might the future look like?

Hey folks, simple prompt here: if you see an artist (illustrator, architect, product designer, costume designer, anything goes!) and you think this work might be inspiring here, this topic is where you can share it!

Here’s a format so we don’t get lost in too much info (I’ll model it below in the first comment):


Name of the artist
Link to more work from that same artist

A brief explanation on how you think this related to our work (one paragraph max, optional)

Artist: Kirsten Zirngibl

I think Zirngibl’s imaginative architecture might be the ‘next step’ after Singapore or Dubai. Something with shapes that are not exactly unlike ours, that are imaginable, calculable, but clearly trying to reinvent a city that’s not all square buildings.

Dustin Jacobus

Artist I’ve been collaborating with for a while on the subject of Solarpunk/Post-Industrial aesthetics. Illustrated my recent Medium article on the topic.

City, Clifford Simak

Hey @Phillip :slight_smile: would you mind adding the details like I modelled above? Just so we can explore the artist, rather than just seeing one image

I love this one btw!

Sure. Michael Whelan, 1975

Witness irl