Improve Making Lote3 page

This platform group is the space where we encourage participants & volunteers to get involved, publish posts about what they want from the event and use it easily to coordinate.

My suggestions for improvements:

Main content:

-place Lote banner on top and nothing else so that people dont need to scroll down to much to see the button “create a post”

On the side

-make the submenu visible: Registration Open, About Lote, CaseTracker etc (It only shows on posts not on the group page so people landing on MakingLote3 dont have access to the menu)

-make a slideshow “Who’s Coming” with faces of people who are coming

-make a slideshow with Proposed Sessions and links to the BurnigngEdge, Creative Networked Communities posts so far

-block with weekly community call poster & link to the event page

Update July 1st: remaking of the whole page by Auli & Matthias!

Done: Put Building lote banner on Top and improved text

Hope you like it.

Looks better to me!

Thanks :)

For the sidebars I looked to what we could do and we could install Views Slideshow 3x module, where we could upload images and link to specific nodes.

Instructions to installation are here, but I dont think i have access to the server to create a library directory there?

I dont remember if Alberto was using something else last year in the HOT NOW block content…?

Sorry if I’m bugging you too much…

No idea

When I learned to use Views the option was simply there.