Improving Distributed Work

Among other we identified 3 focus points for Climate KIC for impactful improvement of distributed work

  • Onboarding
  • Workload Communication and Protection
  • New Norms / Best Practises for virtual rooms

Please share your tips, tricks, ideas and opinion guided by the following 3 questions:

  1. How should new team members be onboarded?
  2. How to track/communicate workload and schedule/protect asynchronous distributed work time?
  3. What is in your opinion “Best Behaviour” in different channels/Tools?

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Regarding workload:

Usually you’d have less notes I expect. And what is missing is some from of visual TODO tracker.
I think I should put a whiteboard in the picture frame for that and use it that way. Writing should be large enough that others can read it still. Maybe also velcro a pretty picture over it whenever you do a client call. :wink:

You could also have “mood pictures” in there, or make the whole background green screen and use the space digitally.

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Tad OT, but I’d imagine @MariaEuler will get a kick out of it:

This is where the lego version came from, and I found it through discussions of Stick Charts for high seas navigation.

Also somewhat relevant, Edward Tufte and Stephen Few:

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Great contributions. I certainly get a kick out of the lego picture already ;).