In case you guys can use it

I decided to follow Matt’s wonderful instructable to make an automatically generated program of LOTE5:

The advantage is that logged in Edgeryders users can subscribe/unsubscribe to all sessions directly on the page. It’s a nice way to have a bird’s eye view of where you will go each day, finding schedule conflicts, etc. To make it more useful, we should add the time (not just the date) to the sessions, so the site will put them in the correct order.

When you create an event that you mean to be a session, just (a) add it to the LOTE5 group (you can add other groups as well, but LOTE5 must be there); (b) type lote5-program in the “Behaviors” field, right at the bottom in Edit mode. The session will automagically show up on the page. As you can see, sessions that have uploaded logos look much better than ones that did not.

Thanks, but…

… we have something similar at /t/lote5/609/sessions but Kira or someone else said we only need one program to not crowd too many pages.

The problem is you forgot to panelize your page + you added the pane view in the Lote5 Panel variant and this morning all group posts and tasks looked like the Auto-program page. anyway, fixing it.

Not forgot!

But this has to do with some strange stuff going on with the panelizer. Maybe this is due to two people editing the same page at the same time. It’s the first time this happens to me, and I triple checked the settings.

I need help.

Ok, it doesn’t matter now… But if you put the table pane with the sessions (in auto-program) in the LOTE5 Panel variant here: what happens is all pages will look like that. So I removed it, but not sure what other changes you made in the variant that now some events don’t show a title - example.

To give you an example, because of how Open Care panel variant is configured right now your normal content in the group looks messy, like this:

Panel variants is a group-specific default layout for all pages in that group, it’s like the default panelizer, on top of which you can panelize minisite pages differently. That’s what I understood from Matthias’s instructions…

I know :slight_smile:

If you panelize a single page, it will override the default group panelization.

The node_view page should not be touched when editing a single page. Perhaps the “Customize this page” button influences the group default panelization? If so, we should not even have it there.

Anyway: fixed

Going back to where we were: default is with OpenCare logo and group menu, but same layout as standard nodes.