In-kind donations of food served at unMonastery nodes

Just to initiate conversation on this topic :slight_smile:

In Berlin, meeting few friends reminded me about something we can improve in significant way in unMonastery and beyond!

One friend mention volunteering on farms networked through WWOOF, then another show cased Open Source web platform for CSA communities he works on. Also in Graz I had pleasant experience of finding out that people started another Foodsharing community and in Berlin during on of skipping / dumpster diving adventures, I stumbled upon people participating in Food Rescuing community .

We could leverage Food Analytic project to intent cast how much food we would appreciate help with securing. This way community for whose benefit we serve can support our quests… I happily experiment with please do feed elves and hackers and monkeys and artists and teachers and… campaign :wink:

@Kei @Bembo Davies @David Bovill @K what do you think about installing OpenSource software from Trade School but practice and encourage voluntary donation / gift approach? @Alberto @Matthias

@Bembo Davies we could even combine unMensa project with culinary arts skillshare, maybe Food Not Bombs and Curry Without Worry would participate :smiley:

I would also look at exploring we gifttip alternative to gittip with self hosted wishlist taking advantage of linked data. @Ben I plan to address this way current challange listed as 6) Lack of philanthropy and general inability on the part of many to raise funds! Please check out sidebar on some random project on goteo…

Let’s try it

@elf Pavlik I like the idea of trying out Trade School software. I’ve met a few of the people involved in NY, so I’ll get in touch with them now. Strongly agree that our food supply chain could use some improvement. :slight_smile:

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The Food Assembly

During OuiShare Fest to my surprise I’ve met @Kathleen who recently started working with The Food Assembly. @Lois & @Matthias maybe another connection for you? :slight_smile:

Yes sure! Why not?! :wink:

Yes sure! Why not?! :wink:

Also Yatan

@Yatan Blumenthal Vargas is involved in Food assembly.

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Nice circle :smiley:

Hey @Yatan Blumenthal Vargas! So you and @Kathleen both work with The Food Assembly :slight_smile: (I understand Berlin and London)

@Lois and @Matthias to my knowledge work with Epelia, I would find it very interesting if you all can share with us how you see those project complementing each other and if you see any openings for collaboration?

When it comes to open source software for food, I know developer of Teikei which runs CSA oriented platform Ernte teilen, and I’ve met while ago in Leipzig people who work on Foodsoft :) During OuiShare Fest 2014 I spoke shortly with Etienne de Montlaur working on The Food Assembly about possibility of them open sourcing their new platform. I got impression that they don’t feel confident enough to make such move at this moment but possibly some of the people developing it may join OuiShare Labs discussions. @Matthias do you stay in touch with people developing Epelia online presence?

@Lois could you please point me to list of farming projects you have established connections with? Even better a map, or we can do it together if one doesn’t exist yet. Now I also recall this project attempting to map solidarity farming initiatives Höfe und Initiativen der solidarischen Landwirtschaft

Excited that so many people working with food happen to participate in Edgeryders network :smiley:

Rescuing food from wasting

@katalin mentioned some charity dining place run by a church (I understood one of catholic sect) which receives donations of food from places like ipercoop

I would like to make a connection with them and see if we could also find such possibility. @David Bovill it relates to your last comment about creating environment where more people who don’t fully reside here can still come and cocreate!

Rescuing food

I think as the reputation grows in the Picianello, perhaps some local vendors could donate produce that would otherwise go to waste…?

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Standing on shoulders of Giants…

I try to establish better connection with Emerging Leaders Lab, they did a great work with connecting with local community and receiving food + hosting for participants!

Great idea

That’s a very good direction you have taken there, @elf Pavlik. I commend you.

Food food yum yum

I was schmoozing in the market today and was told that if we wanted to buy many kilos of fruit direct from the producers, we could get it for .50 - .40 Eurocents a kilo.

So for 5 Euros we could get 10 kilos of cherries, apricots, etc. What do we do with so much fruit? Make jams, or “fruit jerky” like Snact does.

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Aw Snacts

Cool, didn’t know Snact before. Good one.

You can also make juice of course. Like Rejuce does, just like Snact from excess fruits. The guy behind that operation is even experimenting with making toilet paper from the fruit pulp that is the remainder of juicing. He told me that the resulting toilet paper is very soft :slight_smile:


Better than toilet paper, COTOGNATA! which you can make from the pulp of Quince, and some other fruits after making preserves. Gnam Gnam!

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