"In the early 90’s, after the mafia murders of the most important Italian anti-mafia judges and a long period of killing, in Sicily we thought we could change the world only with the enthusiasm of our activism"

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The backstory

In case you missed it Edgeryders is doing some work to extend the space of economic models that are conceivable and deployable to build a successful, fair civilization, while preserving the planet’s ecological balance. Part of this involved bringing together Scifi authors/filmmakers etc and Economists - More on this here.

There had been some work going on under the radar for some time but it officially kicked off last year when Cory Doctorow (Scifi author) and Kirsten Dunlop ( CEO of EIT Climate-KIC) joined Alberto at the first Science Fiction Economics Lab.

I was marginally involved at the time, only stepping in to help the crew with the crowdfunding. Cory did a stellar talk and I learned a alot about the realities of rewiring different actors in the contemporary economy from Kirsten.

Alberto approached me about taking over development of the lab after the first edition. Part of this involves developing the format of the events so they are part of a co-creation journey. Another is to figure out how to do this in a setting where people can speak their own languages and involve their own local communities in a transnational conversation. Plus all this needs to happen online.

We decided to do a variant of our OCI Lab (a peer to peer incubator for developing business ventures) - but geared towards policy. We had already prototyped the basic process with the World Bank last year with promising results. Basically it’s a series of webinars around specific cases where people have done really inspiring work on rewiring local economies. Figure out some follow up tasks and then architecting some kind of environment that supports people to put what is learned into practice. With some follow up etc.

It’s not the easiest task - the European Union alone has 24 official languages and heavens knows how many regions (depending on how you use the terminology). But it’s well worth the effort when you get to discover and learn from the remarkable work of people like Gaetano and the rest of the collective in Messina.

Alberto did a nice writeup about it some time ago, i recommend you read it before showing up at the event: An innovative social investment model in Messina, Sicily - #3 by alberto