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A suggestion in the form of a proposal:

Edgeryders f2f ~ The Conviviality Virus

Some of us want to travel - solo or in pairs, cheaply in a shared car (Car Blah Blah, etc.) - to your location and stay a night or two with you and chat about your experiences, inspirations and preferences around Edgeryders. The conversations can be video’d to harvest views and post them on the Edgeryder’s platform ~ but only if you agree.

The idea is to get to know each other, cross-pollinate and humanise the Edgeryders experience and bring face-to-face conviviality to our on-line community. You can visit us too, at no cost for accommodation. CouchSurfing on the Edge!

Request a visit in either direction ~ us to you, or you to us ~ on Makerfox and we can find mutually convenient dates and map our low-impact journeys across Europe. Become a fellow bumble-bee in the f2f team, if you want. Tell us if you’d like us to present a little ‘Ted Talk’ type promo about Edgeryders at your local Co-Worker hub or a relevant seminar near your location.

Finally, some of us have skills to promote well-being. If you’re a bit stressed-out, have poor posture from hunching over the Edgeryder’s stream of emails, want to learn how to practice good stewardship of your own pet projects - we might be able to offer friendly support strategies. Check out the list of help-from-a-human offerings in the f2f menu of Makerfox.

Looking forward to meeting some of you face to face.

Edgeryders f2f