Independent Farming, Independent Manufacturing

I just realised that we need to change the description of what we’re trying to do.

Instead of thinking in terms of scarcity, we need to think in terms of abundance.

It’s not subsistence farming, growing your own food is independence farming.

Making your own things is not subsistence manufacturing, it’s independence manufacturing.

i can’t remember what it was called, but i read a Cory Doctorow story, set in the USA,where the use of automation caused mass unemployment robotically-run prison camps, but a group of people set up a kickstarter where they bought Australia, and used automation to create a world of abundance, and then carried everyone else across one person at a time.


Finally found it. :smiley:

It was Manna by Marshall Brain.

Sadly, while the second half of the story hasn’t happened yet, the first half is being created right now.

Compare the legal frameworks for “Zero Hours” employment contracts, and the spread of Siri, with the Manna management system. All the technical problems have been solved. It’s just implementation issues that remain.

However with crowdfunding, and FLOSS CNC systems, the technical problems for the second half of the story have been solved, so again it’s implementation… :smiley: