Indoor Noise Cancelling

We want to provide care for people living in neighbour- hoods with lot of noise around them. Noise can a ect physical and mental health of people. Noise pollution in the cities can take a toll on the quality of life of the people. Research has shown that noise pollution can cause problems like heart diseases, stress, lack of sleep and hearing loss to some extent. The average recom- mended noise exposure limit is 55 decibels. However, tra c accounts for 70 decibels and construction machin- ery accounts for about 120 decibels. These are the major generators of sound in the city and well beyond the average exposure limit. We want to provide care to the people living with so much noise around them by using technology.

What are the main aspects of this project?

The main aspect of this project is to use technology to provide care for the people so that they have a healthy lifestyle

How to?

We can

-use transducers on the walls or windows of the house. -sensors that sense the movement of people in the house, detecting whether to switch the device on

-LCD screen showing the decibel levels outside

Links for reference:

http://www.explainthatstu .com/noisecancellingheadphones.html

What have been done?