Information architecture for the "Company" menu pages


  • The corporate website contains only static information, contained in static pages. We already have a blog.
  • It is hosted as a minisite on the platform, not externally
  • It is reachable from a link in the main menu
  • We remove the footer


All pages contain bullet points and one photo (possible exception: “what we do” page). Optional: “learn more” links leading from each bullet point to a dedicated minisite page, with extra info and resources (example: video of TEDx talks, appreciated by Eugenio in his critique of our website).

  • Minisite HomeContains information about ER's nature as a collective intelligence engine; its history; its dual structure (community, with a social enterprise built on top of it);
  • A social enterprise. ER's nature as a social enterprise. Four bullet points plus a photo.
  • Case studies. "Collective intelligence has applications in many areas, here are some examples". Four bullet points or a table, each with a project described in one or two sentences. Spot The Future; KnowLab; Civic Innovation Network; Council of Europe.
  • Driven by data. Using state of the art software and analytics techniques; developing our own Open Ethnographer (+ Edgesense?)
  • Our clients. Wonderful founding clients!
  • People. Mini-profiles of the main people in the company. This is the good place to embed the inspirational BS video shot in Brussels :-)
  • unMonastery. Has its own tab. "We are moving more towards prototyping"