Initial notes on the Technorama interviews batch

I ran the transcriptions @jos uploaded through Deepl, and then went through all the auto-translations and did initial annotations (they are in their own folder now), which should be helpful later on in the coding process.


clearly emergent themes in this batch, including

  • preoccupation with individual agency associated with older cars vs loss of control/ability to choose and feeling manipulated associated with electronic components in the car – people feel like “subjects” of electronic technology, threatened

  • emphasis on desire for choice, personal freedom, libertarian sentiments with ascription of control (and sometimes corruption) to politics / “Brussels”

  • car electronics considered superfluous, excessive, useful, unnecessary, likely to break

  • transition to electronically enhanced cars perceived as linked to dilution/divestment of car-owners expertise (at least for this group, which, of course, is likely to be preoccupied with that because of their hobby – not sure whether this would translate to “general population”)

  • distinct concern with data privacy (although not uniform – some people not concerned)

  • people are aware of sustainability and in general are positive about it, but see it largely as a systemic issue, with limited individual control (but still notable sentiment of some individual responsibility); this batch of people maps sustainability onto longevity which in turn organically maps onto old cars and lines up with their bias towards old cars

  • A lot of doubt about how electronic parts can be reused and recycled, practically/logistically

  • people more aware than not about electronic waste transfer to the developing world; there is critique of that – perhaps an actionable insight


As we talked about the other day – would be better if the core questions are in order (and then organic elaborations on them are great if organically appropriate)

People have a hard time following the word completion instruction – I will prepare a sheet with words to choose from and a blank space for additional ones as “write-ins”

This sample has a clear anti-electronic bias given the nature of their hobby and the association they participate in

The answers about expertise were vague in many cases; I will try rephrasing it and explore the link between that and the ideas of agency/loss of agency with old vs electronically enhanced cars.