Initial thoughts on preparing the interim report

I had a look at the progress report template. As so many things European Commission, there is a semi-automated series of forms, generated by the participants portal, and a free-text technical attachment.

Form-wise, I guess the best we (as non-coordinating partner) can do is make sure we upload our deliverables and mark our milestones as reached. Here, Edgeryders has one deliverable coming up soon, and then that’s it for 2016. The participants portal also has a tab for the “summary for publication”, but it seems that this is unique. So this will be uploaded by UBx (even though @melancon can of course ask for our help).

I am not sure how to upload financial reporting. In fact, the “periodic reporting” section (slide 40 in this presentation) is not visible to me when I log onto the participant portal. What should we do? Focus on keeping the budget tracker up to date?

Note: @markomanka , I took the liberty of updating the participant’s portal with the completion of M15, the consent funnel. According to my records, it was submitted on March 31st 2016, but it was never recorded on the participants portal. Same for M6 (small deliverable here) . Added that one too.

The technical report is a single document for the whole consortium, much like the proposal. So, I guess the most important decision that @melancon needs to make is to hand out homework, and let us know what we should do. Guy, I’m happy to help. We probably need to do this well ahead of the consortium meeting.

I also see that the technical report includes an update of the data management plan. Guy and I have some work to do, because it’s time to actually have a go at writing API documentation. @Costantino , will you be ready to add a section on management of your own data?

Periodic reporting module

@Alberto: Thank you for starting the engines about the reporting process.

Actually, we (UBx) need just one last day before starting this topic - I am currently working on a schedule for whole of the reporting process with Guy that we all need to discuss during a call next week.

About deliverables and milestones: my guess is that I should stay the one that sends deliverables and ticks milestones on everyone’s call, just as from the start, to avoid confusion, but thank you for double-checking.

The periodic reporting module will only open from January, 1st 2017, by the end of the 1st reporting period (from January to December 2016), which is why you can’t have a proper look at it for now. Until that date, we will have to focus on collecting all the time-sheets, the accounting documents you have and the budget tracker.


So, we do not need to hand in periodic reporting at the review meeting? In previous project I recall that the reviewers wanted to see that spending was more or less linear with respect to time: if the project was halfway through, you were expected to have spent half of the budget.

Ok, I will refrain from touching the deliverables and milestones in the future.

Waiting for your information then!

Technical report as a shared document

@LuceChiodelliUB , @melancon and I have decided to ask you to prepare an “empty, but structured” technical report as a Google Document. This means a document with the titles for each section – I understand they are mandated. Guy and I will then look at it and tentatively assign them between us. Then we can work as we did with this

I made a stub here, maybe you can work with that? Thanks a lot!