Inspiration through 1s and 0s

Most of my peers that I grew up with took the ‘safe’ route or have had trouble taking any route at all, sadly struggeling to find a meaningful existance.  Those that are employed are largely not fulfilled by their work and are happiest when they are at home in the evenings or at week ends.

Some took the leap and became self employed.  Some of these find excitement from chasing profit, growing their businesses - others are happy to have their autonomy but find their work somewhat tedious - others are always searching for more work trying to get into a position where they are more financially secure.

I’ve gained most of the inspiration and support to do more meaningful, fulfilling work through my readings and interactions on the internet.  Through blogs, mail lists, IRC channels, web forums and social networks.  I’ve mannaged to connect with people who see the bigger picture.

Some places where I’ve gained inspiration and support include -

I’ve found Twitter great for connecting with new people through shared interests in a topic( often with interesting new perspectives that I may not always totally agree with but are still valuable to know )

and  :slight_smile:

Are you on the Making a Living Session?

Hi Darren,

Thanks a lot for this practical post! Are you coming to the lote in two weeks in Strasbourg? We are now elaborating the Making a Living a Session and if you have not signed up to any of the groups yet, would be great if you could join. There is already a nice repository coming together with concrete resources for making a living and you are adding a rather valuable spot there. Join #maledge thru this link: This is going to be rather an exciting adventure while we can share a lot with youngsters across Europe in need of help.

Hello Gyula,

Thanks for the

Hello Gyula,

Thanks for the thanks.

Looks like I’m probably coming to Strasborg.  Not sure about sessions and things - need a bit of time to explore the itinery, options and process.

Unfortunately it looks like I’m not going to have much chance to engage here at ER for a few days - got many things I need to attend to…

This is a first…

It’s more than implied that many EdgeRyders around are pretty much people from the Internet, but good to see this from your perspective: the internet as a filter-space that makes it easier to find allies, as in people and places of interest.

Curious though what is your job status? from your profile I guess you’re a freelancer… tree surgeon, that got my attention, what does it mean?

also, do you think using the internet to hook up with interesting ideas and people works like a consequence of being a freer spirit or not wanting to go into conventional paths…?  can’t figure out if there’s a relation between types of careers / conventionality/ free time of course and using the internet the smart way…

How do I do what I do… and what is it I do anyway?

Hello Noemi,

I’m happy to be self employed and have been for some time - I’ve only ever spent short times ‘employed’ - generally found I didn’t enjoy it.

I did work at an alternative energy co-op for a while - initially I had autonomy to act there - I worked hard, long hours for little money (officially I was never on a wage - but a contractor).  I left later when one of the founders started getting  authoritarian.

Tree surgery I like to describe as being a tree doctor.  My work generally involves climbing trees that are in peoples gardens and cutting bits off them - either because they are damaged or starting to die back (trees get old, get diseases and die) or because the owners feel they are to big (to close to the house or blocking the light)  Unfortunately since the begining of the credit crisis I have not been getting much work.  Fortunately I have very small living expenses so I survive.  This also has the benefit that I can put more time into doing things that I really value.  I do enjoy climbing trees and working with them (I love trees / being in the woods), although often the work I get paid to do with them feels somewhat uneccesary/superficial.

I guess if you have more time/energy because you have not expended it all at work then there is more chance of exploring more on the internet and finding new ideas / paths.   Since leaving school I’ve always been more than a bit unconventional.    I’ve got a thirst (addiction) for information and I find the internet far too interesting!!!