Instant GA to make a formal decision about membership fees and accept the first associate members

Calling @Lee, @ugne and @manuelpueyo. We need a (short, online) GA soon. We will:

  • Make a formal decision that the membership fee for 2022 is set as 125 EUR. This is the number we have communicated, but our statute says that the GA decides on fee every year, and we have not yet done that.
  • Accept as associate members the people who have already asked to join (@mas, @Pieter, @Sarah and @ChrisM ).

We could meet on a 30 mins Zoom call one of these evenings, around 18.30 or so. What do you say?

Thanks Alberto for bringing this up.

For the acceptance of new members I would like to get some more clarity about the process we are going to follow for this, to avoid the problems we have experienced in the past. Nothing big or complicated, just something that is clear to everybody. It’s on my list for today or early next week.

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Ok, so maybe a 45 mins call will be necessary.

we are warm and operational :fire:

I got a little delayed because something unexpected happened that required all my energy. I expect to be able to deal with this (and send you an invite) around the beginning of next week.

It’s not on you alone! No worries, we can also initiate a Doodle or something.

Of course. But I wanted to make a short proposal for a process that provides clarity on how we deal with membership requests. I have some ideas, but I just need to find the energy to write them down.