Interesting article on the train travel problems in London at the end of December

A really good explanation of where things went wrong,

Reading that explanation in conjunction with this article, which describes different approaches to time management and prioritisation of short-term vs. long-term goals, gave me lots to chew on over breakfast.

Also when things start to go wrong, they continue to go wrong…,,%20P%20Hudson,%20C%20vdGraaf.pdf

While these articles are discussing large systems, the lessons are applicable to every situation no matter the size.

More transparency would have helped the railway engineering problems get work-arounds in place sooner, but hierarchical systems always have this communication problem.

Problems for us to avoid.

Murphy was an optimist… :))

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So what do you suggest?

Hello @Billy_Smith, I read your first article but had to postpone the other two (I am on the road). It is a fascinating tale of cascading effects! But then, what is your point? What are you suggesting we do?

There are a number of things we need to do…

I started out typing a reply to your question, but i ended up with having to add in so much background explanation that it was starting to be unweildy.

So i’ll put these up as seperate posts.